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Hello everyone
Well I'm new here so I figured I would make a post about it. Let’s see, um well I'm currently a full-time student in the United States Navy and I am studying to become a gunner’s mate 2ar15smilie. So far I haven't found anyone in the Navy with non-homophobic views about homosexuals if I do end up bringing that subject up. My favorite animal is the wolf and if I could have any vehicle it would most-defiantly have to be a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback (teal with some black stripes running down the middle). I have never had a boyfriend and probably won’t unless the Navy gets rid of Don't Ask Don't Tell and even then I'm sure my luck will bring me some jerk. I'm not really good at socializing with other people so I tend to be a little shy. I will be as open as I can be unless shit gets too personal but other than all of that I'm a pretty nice guy.

Hi NightLight! I hope ya like it here. That's interesting that you're in the U.S. Navy, I believe there's one or two retired dudes from the Navy here.

Hello Nightlight, welcome the GS

My favorite animal is the Chameleon (don't know way i need to share that but whatever)

Welcome again Nightlight

Hello. Welcome Smile and for what it's worth I cannot pass a goat by without giving it some attention. Presumably if your luck does indeed bring you "some jerk" you'll have to resist your navy training in dealing with him ... 2ar15smilie

welcome to the forums :3

Lo Marshalnader, that's a nice idea. Hey, Night, welcome to Gayspeak. Hopefully, everything goes well for you in the Navy and finding that special jerk=P

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