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My str8 best friend! (venting, pretty hot!)
I had my first kiss with him, after school, near the arcade across the street, in the 6th grade. I'm sure other kids saw us. He hung out at my place alot, and would frequently sleep over my house. He was of Jamaican and Italian decent. He was beautiful! He had these luscious lips, distinguished eyebrows on his charming face, and a tight little body with his skinny boi abs! His skin tone was of a delectable mocha bean!

We started masturbating together on a regular basis, watching the old porn I'd steal from my fathers collection. I loved watching him cum, while his eyes were fixated on the TV screen, my were focused on his dick, convulsing, as it shot out his thick white cum. One time, he started jacking me off! I didn't know what to do, I was so nervous! I knew what I wanted to do, but was scared he'd think I was gay, and stop being my friend. I'd always wanted to give him head, but never reached that full potential because I'd reject any opportunity to take it further sexually, even when he'd suggest in an indirect way that he wanted to mess around more than we already did, but I was just scared because I was still confused about who I was!

I remember I'd always have my hands on him, while he was in my room, just touching him softly, rubbing his neck while he played my PS2. He never seemed to mind. I'd play with his hair too because I loved the way it smelled, and it's kinky texture just turned me on for some reason. The first time I saw his dick, I was in absolute awe because I've never seen one that big before. It was the first black dick I've ever seen too! He was uncircumcised, I wasn't. I didn't know much about foreskin's, so it intrigued me even more!

Years had past, and we did what regular friends did, hang out, and get in trouble together! We always smoked weed or would get really drunk from the beer I'd sneak from the fridge. I'd blast on the dance music station, and put my strobe light on in my room, and dance..... Oh did we dance! Until we were dizzy! Sometimes we'd dance naked, and rub our hard dicks on one another.

He was way more advanced in puberty than I was, and he had armpit hair, it was so masculine to me, it turned me on! His light BO mixed with his invigorating deodorant was heaven sent! His pheromones drive me wild! His smell would stick to my sheets after he'd gone home. I'd roll around in them just to get his scent on me.

He was a drummer, so he'd use his skills to give me the BEST massages ever! His hands would practically vibrate. He'd use rubbing alcohol, and some hand soap. At the end, he'd clean my back off with a warm moist rag. He was so nurturing at times. One time I had a massive headache, and he told me to lay down, so I did. He then rubbed my temples until my headache went away.

I remember he told me that kids were teasing him at school because word got out about us messing around together. Eventually, we stopped that after not seeing each other for a couple of years. We never speak of it, and we just maintain our solid friendship after all of these years. I've never outwardly told him that I was gay, but I'm sure he suspects it. I have a feeling that he might be bisexual, or maybe he is really straight because he's only dated girls since I've known him, and he might had just been experimenting because he was young, and that's what young people do, gay or straight.

So, two young kids messing around sexually, One's in denial that anything ever happened, I suspect. The other one realizes from the experience that he really likes boys instead of girls. The other one only dates girls, and is possibly straight. They both are still really close friends.

Should I, one day, tell him how I was infatuated with him for most of my life? Years ago, I'd eventually understood, that we'd never be together in a relationship, or that he'd never admit to liking guys, or that he was possibly straight. So, that infatuation faded along with my hopes of one day being with him.

Can anyone relate? Thanks for any, and all advice given!

Well I don't own a strobe light. I had a similar kind of relationship with a friend in high school, who grew up to be straight. We see each other occasionally and act like nothing ever happened... It used to bug me a lot, but now I'm pretty much over it.

That's a good story, Dreamer, At least no harm came from it apart from some (mild?) heartache? Yes it's all part of the growing up process and one that you must put down to adolescent exploring. Mind you, he was lucky to find in you someone who would oblige him so willingly. With another guy it might have been much trickier than it was. Now at least, you can revel in these past memories and maybe hope for the same thing again some time soon. Good luck with finding that partner (if you are looking) and Welcome to GaySpeak if I hadn't welcomed you before.

OrphanPip Wrote:Well I don't own a strobe light. I had a similar kind of relationship with a friend in high school, who grew up to be straight. We see each other occasionally and act like nothing ever happened... It used to bug me a lot, but now I'm pretty much over it.

Thanks for sharing! It's nice knowing I'm not the only guy who had such a similar experience, and outcome!

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