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Precognitive dreams
Cutieboy Wrote:Ah okay. My fear is with the precognitive dream about my cousins older and seeing them at my house... it may never happen.

hehe, I take it you're not a fan of them...

there's a chance it may happen, it's hard to tell; I always think normally there are small 'triggers' little details you'll notice like an object on a mantelpiece or the way things are alligned and how they look together.

I always feel you make the decisions that control your dreams, not the other way around. *snugs*

Ah, I'm a fan of 'em. I thought it was cool as hell when I went to places I saw in my dreams and then I'm there physically.

When i first saw this for some reason my brain thought it said provocative dreams :tongue: lol.

lol provocative dreams. Maybe I'll make a thread about that lol. :tongue:

I've had quite alot(Most being tiny deja vu things). None of them being notible.....bar one. But i'd rather not talk about it.

My dreams have always been either extremely Weird/Scary. And i'd say....20% of them are very real feeling. I have a VERY vivid imagination, i think its kind of a byproduct.:confused:

But i only get a VERY VERY real feeling dream once a year. Not nice if its a nightmare....:frown:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

Yeah. For some reason, now that I'm older... I'm beginning to noticing quite a few of my dreams actually happening in real life. This is pretty new stuff to me. Perhaps I did have dreams as a kid where I might have been somewhere and then I was there. I dunno... I barely remember those dreams. Except for one... I'll always remember it. It was not a precognitive dream. Back when I used to have a "crush" on this one girl... I saw her at Seaside Heights. That never happened in real life and well... yeah I have a gut feeling it won't. But since 2005 (I recorded this one dream, I don't wanna say mention it since it's really good and I'm afraid it may not happen)... I've had these precognitive dreams.

posterpicture Wrote:hAppend to me all the time. I have at least one dream like that every year.

Me to, I'v had quite a few dreams that have became reality. I thought thats what de ja vu was XD you dream it then you live it Tongue

~D5~ Wrote:Me to, I'v had quite a few dreams that have became reality. I thought thats what de ja vu was XD you dream it then you live it Tongue
I though Deja vu is exprienceing something, and feeling like its happend before.

Like i'd stop and realise that it feels like i remember being in that place before with the exact same things going on.

OR(To be more direct)
deja vu (plural deja vus)
  1. A feeling of having previously experienced something, especially when that is not the case. Have I done this before? Talk about déjà vu.
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

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