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Precognitive dreams
Do you believe in precognitive dreams? These are the realest of all dreams. These dreams are dreams where they come true. It can happen the day after you dreamed about something or it could take up to several years for it to come true. Do you believe in this?

I certainly do. As a matter of fact, I had a dream years ago about a supermarket. I was never in this supermarket at all. This year, I was in the same exact supermarket I dreamed about. Spooky? I think not. This universe is full of unexplained shit and precognitive dreams are one of them.

could happen

hAppend to me all the time. I have at least one dream like that every year.

I used to have them all the time when I was little. I don't remember this, but my mom told me that I used to see people that weren't there when I was even younger, even when I was only one years old I'd stand in the middle of the floor, shaking and looking into nothing, terrified of something that wasn't there.

I never see anything now, and I hardly ever dream these dreams anymore.

I hope many of my dreams don't become reality... I doubt anyone wants a deformed killed with a whip of razors completely dicing people running around...
But I think I've had a few precognitive dreams where I have been to places I never knew of, like a small town somewhere or a house that I've never been in.

I had another one of these dreams come true. I forgot to mention this one. In a dream I had months ago, I saw the stairwell to do my dad's new office. Back in July or August, I go to his office to do some errand for my dad. I was in complete and total shock, that was the same stairwell I saw in my dream that I had a few months before.

Another dream I had was a year ago, I go to this venue called BB King's in NYC. On July 12, 2009... I go to that venue to see one of my favorite bands. I've never been inside the venue or even saw pictures of it before... it looked exactly like the way it was in my dream that I had 2 or 3 months ago before the show.

I had another recent one where I saw my second cousins a little bit older. One of my cousins has children, one is 3 or 4 years old and the other is 1. In this dream, I saw one of them appear to be a few years older.

I've had them, but I'm not sure what they mean...

many years ago I had a dream where I was walking through a cruise liner (a modern ship) in barefeet, late at night; there werent many people around, and I seemed to be looking down as I could remember the pattern on the carpet, how it felt, the brass fittings on things, the corridors...

It was only when I took a trip to Amsterdam by ferry with my friend and I went for a latenight cigarette that it all fell together. I looked down and there I was with no shoes or socks, walking over the same bland red 'hotel' carpet, looking at the brass fittings and long corridors. I remember the feel of it under my feet, the same sensation, the disjointed look down at my bare soles.

I can't explain it, but it confuses the hell out of me. The details were too specific for it to be a coincidence.

Wow, that was truly a precognitive dream you had, Sil. Did you ever talk to anyone about this dream before it happened in real life? I fear that sometimes if I talk about precognitive dreams, they just won't happen.

Cutieboy Wrote:Wow, that was truly a precognitive dream you had, Sil. Did you ever talk to anyone about this dream before it happened in real life? I fear that sometimes if I talk about precognitive dreams, they just won't happen.

thanks Cutie,

I never did, sadly... I talked to my friend Alison about it, she's quite a spiritual person and is really open-minded...

I wouldn't worry :redface: I don't think you can alter the course of the dreams, they just get buried deep enough until you discover them while you're awake. It's incredible the amount of information your brain can hold without making you aware of it.

I get a lot of places that I've been in my life 'smashed' together in dreams...

Ah okay. My fear is with the precognitive dream about my cousins older and seeing them at my house... it may never happen.

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