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Yep... a thread about tuition fees
SrChulo Wrote:They also pay over 50% more than we do in taxes... coincidence? Tongue

Since it's become fashionable to revive ancient threads, I'll revive this one.

SrChulo you appear to be in Spain where the income tax rate varies from 24-43% depending on income. The tax free allowance is €5151, and employees social secuity is 4.7% of gross.

In finland two sorts of tax are levied on income, an individual tax and a municipal tax.
The former varies from 6.5 to 30% by level of income and the latter from 15 to 20% depending on where you live. So that's a minimum of 21.5% and a maximum of 50%.
The tax free allowance is a whopping €15200. Social security is between 7.3 and 8.5%

My back of envelope calculations for a person earning €50,000 per year show that in Spain they would net a little over €31,000 and in the most expensive municipalities in Finland a little over €33,000.

I'm not really seeing where the 50% more in tax is coming from, the lucky Finns would appear to pay less. Perhaps it's just a coincidence.

even when i was at school, i never got the idea why we need to pay for our education. i always have this belief that it should be the Gov't's job to make sure all it's citizens have proper education, even to the point of them having to pay for the so called tuition fees.

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