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Yep... a thread about tuition fees
As many may know, the stupid policy got through parliament earlier meaning tuition fees could go up to a maximum of £9000. Personally i think this is bloody ridiculous. It would mean that the UK would be one of the most expensive places to go to UNI. Personally i would have wanted to go to UNI, now not too sure =/. So what do you peeps think of it? Have you voted lib dem and feel betrayed? Discuss!

Tuition is up the wazoo anywhere you go nowadays. It really sucks. Here in the U.S... college tuition, fuhgeddaboudit!

I think Nick Clegg should be ashamed of himself, and I did vote for him in the hope they'd make it through as an outright victor... during a recent broadcast from the House of Commons he sat there blithely grinning his way through everything David Cameron said.

his getout clause during a recent interview was "well that's what the Lib Dems would have done, but this is a co-allition givernment, our hands are tied."

Much as I feared, the co-allition is basically using a friendly yellow face for tory policies.

Matt > to be honest mate, having been through university before the cuts, it's not all it's cracked up to be unless you do a standardised subject to an exceptional degree (business, computing, a career BA) ... My best friend at work has a 2:1 in Medical Microbiology and scraped a living with me filing documents as any GCSE candidate could do. Go figure.

University presently is one of the biggest deceipts for young people, and most give them false hopes and aspirations, truthfully. The number of young graduates who either cannot find work or find their degrees worth nothing sickens me; though they will happily wait for you to be earning enough to recalim £9000 - 15000 of your money when you finally claw your way up high enough on the wage bracket. This is education as a business and a lower-middle-class formality.

Be honest with yourself if you choose to go - will you do it? is it worth it? if you can honestly answer yes, a brutal and determined YES, then try your hardest and it will work out.

My son graduated from university in the USA earlier this year and somehow has a six-figure debt to repay. There the charges came thick and fast from the outset. For example, he was required to pay a substantial fee every time he submitted an application to a university simply to pay for some administrator to read the application! In comparison, £9,000 for tuition seems like peanuts. However, the situation here in the UK seems morally twisted. I know the sums aren't connected to the same pots, but I have trouble working out how bankers can run their businesses into a state from whence any of the rest of us would have been forced into liquidation, whilst the state picks up the tab and then the rest of us have to bear the outcome of cuts to claw back the money to cover the debt repayments.

As to voting, yes I feel betrayed and lied to, but I am grateful for one realisation. Prior to this government I didn't think my opinion of politicians could sink any lower.

I voted LibDem and to be honest, i don't feel betrayed, as i know its because of the co-allition that this has happend.

But from what i can gather from how i've seen the news channels present this story.
It seems like the LibDems are going to get the blame and take the fall for it.
So i wouldn't be surprised if our next goverment is a Conservative one.
I think the LibDem are getting blamed because of the "Promise"(Whatever they are.) that they made. As i said above and as Cleg and other MPs have said. It was broken because of the co-allition.

I have to laugh though. Where are we going to get our money to pay the debt? From people who aren't working yet! Genius.
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

I blame the baby boomers hauling up the ladder behind them.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

My tuition is around 3200 a year, Quebec is still the lowest in North America at least. Yay for socialism?

I've managed to keep my debt relatively low.

I wish college was free, like in Finland. That's right. They don't have tuition in colleges over in Finland.

Cutieboy Wrote:I wish college was free, like in Finland. That's right. They don't have tuition in colleges over in Finland.

They also pay over 50% more than we do in taxes... coincidence? Tongue

I didn't vote because I was too busy eating microwave meals and watching several episodes of Family Guy (Icon16). As a student that will not be impacted by this change, I am outraged for those who will have to pay ridiculous prices to study in a place that I've spent 3 years not appreciating.

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