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I am in love but unsure of his feelings
the title says it

tried talking top him he will not say
tried have a friend talk to him nothing

we live in different towns and i go to see him when i can and its always fireworks.
its been a few months and i am head over heals but he just will not tell me how he feels


a little hard with these few details but here goes

if you love him as much as you say. You need to talk to him BEFORE the "fireworks" and if he will not give you an answer you may just have to withhold the "fireworks " until he does

Just a thought good luck

Talk to him. Try to not be confrontational, but tell him you need to understand how he feels. It may be that he is less inclined to talk about how he feels, he may find it difficult or uncomfortable, be understanding of that and tell him that you respect that but at the same time you are the kind of person who does talk and so need some compromise.

Approach this with care and be easy. I say go with Josh (juk)'s advise. That's the best advise so far.

As for my advise, do not hesitate. Definitely talk to him about it. You may be surprised that he may have a thing for you. You never know.

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