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Hockey vs. football
Which one do you think is better AND more physical? Both are pretty rough contact sports.

Naturally I went with hockey. I know what Timmy's answer is gonna be lol.

Definitely hockey.


Hockey of course.

Like I know i will live the rest of my life an not see anything as epic as Crosby's goal a the 2010 Olympics,at least in the sports world anyway

Rugby! (Yes I know that, technically, it wasn't one of the options given.)

The guys aren't covered in pads and Kevlar, now that's a real contact sport. Also Rugby, in Britain at least, proved itself not to be homophobic when a former Captain of Wales came out as gay.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

Hockey is really the only sport I can stand to watch for any length of time. Perhaps its just my Canadian blood. :tongue:

Sport? Sleeping

yes lets hear it for waffle throwing fans of hockey

Best sport Rugby tough and physical

well the ball the same shape as in American football

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