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Where is the weirdest place you have masturbated?
okay let me count..
same as you guys, back of a bus..
girls bathroom at hostel..
near my father, mother, brother, cousins sleeping..
while my aunt was sweeping room (with nice view Smile.. you get the idea)
in the back of class room (thru pockets)
hostel, almost all of my relatives homes..

in my friends room after a sleep over with them in the room

This probably isn't considered that odd a place (I know I'm not the only one), but I used to jack off in the restroom at my old high school. I used to do that quite often, LOL
I've done it in parked cars (while alone).
Oh, and a couple times in the restroom at a grocery store. HA!

One time, I thought doing it outside would be really hot and thrilling, so I went to this park near my house at dusk and went behind some bushes.... but I got too scared someone would see me or I'd get the cops called, so I went back home.

On an airplane lavatory.. Does that make me an eligible member of the mile high club? :biggrin:

in the bathroom at the dormatories with a friend he said he wanted to masturbate and since he knew i was bi he grabbed my hand and took me there i felt nervous.

I once did it by my the my grandma's condo pool

mine is in an office restroom... it's funny cause in the middle of my work, i suddenly found the urge to let out. hehe

god were to start, on the back of the back, on top of a roof with my best friend, school bathroom, in class with it out I was in the back of the class but no one seen me do it, when I was in Japan I did it all there ^^, and when I was in the hot springs when I was still in japan but I made sure it didnt get in the water, it was out side hot springs and I was alone get to seen alot naked guy and my friends lol ^^

Ok how about this In the back yard during the day where I could have been cought by the back door neighbors.

On the roof top tanning

in a tanning booth room.

While walking around in a busy grocery store. I was like 8 years old.

I had a heavy jacket on, and thought no one could see me. But, I'm sure everybody noticed, when I think about it now.

Though, I don't know it it counts as masturbation, since I naturally couldn't ejaculate at that age, but I enjoyed the tingling sensation I would get.

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