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Where is the weirdest place you have masturbated?
Ever since I was thirteen I've been whacking off. I've found it quite arousing to do it in public places over the years. My weirdest exploit happened at work. It was a warm day in the fall and the company I work for had me doing landscape out front of the office. I hate my job with a passion and my boss told me to go cut down all of the pampas grass down out front. I started to cut down the six to seven foot stalks of grass around nine in the morning. By afternoon I grew tired of this manual labor and couldn't get my mind off sex. I was so horny and needed to relieve the sexual tension built up. So I found a clearing in the middle of the pampas grass so no one from the office or road could see me. The grass created a perfect privacy screen. I heard cars driving by and any body from the office could of wandered out there to check on my progress or get the mail.. This is the most weird and risky place I have done it.

I have also done it while driving, while listening to my brother having sex, in park cars,under an deck when it was freezing cold cold out, in the bathroom at work, in an storage container at work, laying down on a couch while my father watched tv 2 feet away, In the same room as my sleeping mother, in the middle of my brothers living room, at the family computer, on the bottom bunk bed while brother slept on top bunk, friends bathroom, brothers couch, brothers bathroom, brothers bed, high school boys bathroom, parents bed and of course my own bed. Those are the places I can think of off the top of my head.

So where is the weirdest place you have masturbated?

In a casino....found a secluded area.


ON a buss back seat

Mr. Not So Lonely Wrote:ON a buss back seat

LOL. I did that once when I was a teenager, there was no one else near the back. I was a horny teen.

In a multi-story car park...and a police cell... good times (sarcasm really doesn't work in text)...

in England when you're masterbating with a good chance of being caught it's known as a dangerwank... Laugh

On a busy train (through the pockets), in a busy class (also pockets), in an empty school corridor, on my crushes bed when he was at the other side of the room not realising, in a conservatory in a built up area, in a forrest, next to friends at night:biggrin:

In the back of the school bus during my freshmen year of HS.
Under the Atlantic City Boardwalk
In a library bathroom

Be careful driving while doing it. One time I got a little bit too into it when I busted my nut and almost crashed my car. Try explaining that to your parents, police and insurance company.:redface:

[Image: Tree-car-crash.jpg]

TimeBandit Wrote:LOL. I did that once when I was a teenager, there was no one else near the back. I was a horny teen.

Lol I did this before...

I did it once in the bus nx to a guy before... of cuz with my backpack covering my hand..... feel quite awkward after I cum....

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