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How to start an online conversation?
I know there are a lot of expert in online conversation in this forum so I to ask for your experience.

So the story behind that is: I saw this one individual facebook profile and I felt like there was electric current ran through my body. He was so cute and more important he had so many thing in common with me. I couldn't see further into his profile so I could not confirm if he share the "special interest" (we all know what is it :eek: ) with me. But "Glee", "dancing", and "Lady gaga" pretty much confirmed it. Also, he is mutual friends with 2 of the gay guys that I know. I am planning on adding him on facebook but I am kind of a looser lately so I am really nervous. Most of my online conversation recently start and end with "Hey, what sup?" "nothing much, you?", "Just chill, how are you today", "I am fine, you?", "just a little bit busy"...."bye".
In real life, I am no that boring person, it 's just hard to no be able to relate when talking over a screen. Also, I feel like my physical appearance may give me some minus point already. I am planning on improving it over this Christmas.

So my plan is to approach this individual after Christmas. I know that if I just hit him up without preparing, I will loose this battle for sure. So girls and guys, please help me how to start conversation and approach this person online.

start by saying hello how are you then then talk about your common interests

Just bring up a random topic over conversation, don't think about it, just start talking.

first off = dont be negative towards yourself mate, if your saying things like im a looser or thinking your appearance isnt good enough then its gonna come accross to others in how you speak and how you hold yourself and the conversation will just dry up quickly -
Why not start by introducing yourself and open the topic of facebook saying how you came accross his profile, then how amazing it is you both like lots of the same things - you already said he like Glee,dancing,and GAGa ..you got a whole night of conversation just there..

a good thing if things are going well is tell him your going to get a drink , ask if he would like one too...as you've gone to the trouble of fetching it he would be more inclined now to spend the time drinking it with you...try not to talk too much about yourself unless he asks,,,instead ask about him - people love to talk about themselves wether we admit it or not ...plus he will be pleased your paying attention to him --- above all try to be confident in yourself...good luck

Hey. :]

Well, it may be a little hard simply because you care a little more about what is going to happen than maybe you would if it was just a friend.
I'd suggest writing him a PM because it allows the conversation to stretch over a long period of time rather than the way the chat is. A simple 'hey' and just that won't be enough probably, so, yeah, if you bring up something of common interest - that may actually start a nice conversation and a long one too. Just try to think of the person as more of a,,,friend rather than someone special. And don't push it if it don't work out.

Just go and be yourself! Don't think too much! You already have stuff in common so there's no need to worry about running out of things to talk about or the conversation going dead. We talked, right? :tongue:

Just say, "Hey, what's up?" he'd say whatever, you say what you're doing etc. then from there you can say "I see you're a fan of Glee, did you catch last week's episode?" or whatever. Don't over-think things, conversations and friend-making isn't a science or anything, if you think about it like that you'd come off as rigid.

And don't be so down on yourself! I doubt he's so shallow that he wouldn't want to talk to you based on your appearance anyways.
You don't need to improve your body, you're good just how you are. Be proud of yourself~
So! Just go in, remember that you have nothing to lose -it's just a conversation- and go with the flow.

Good luck, Con!

Thank you my friends.
Yep, I have no problem with talking to people I don't have crush on. My problem is I have crush on every single good looking guys I saw =D.
Talking to these objects like going to a battle, really stressful, it 's about mind game. I always try to be smart, charming, funny and I try to ask a lot of questions, but they just fail poorly.

But I guess you are all right, I will start from the attitude of a "friend" first Big Grin

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