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School Age
So what does everyone think about the proposal to make the leaving age for schools over here to 18...?
i personally believe it is a good thing as it might encourage more people to better themselves...Xyxthumbs

Leaving school at 18 seems reasonable but just yesterday I read a story about a 21 year old guy who has been a professional disc jockey for the past 5 years. He could hardly wait for his final high school exam to start working. Wouldn't it be sadistic to force this guy to stay at school for two more years?

If I had been his father I wouldn't have liked the idea of having a son without some decent schooling and I would certainly have tried to persuade him to do some course next to that disc jockey job.

At the other hand.... the guy is making much more money than I did at his age! Big Grin I also know a 47 year old man who has three master's degree but never managed to get a suitable job :eek: . And then there is my brother's boyfriend left school at 19 and became a succesful bussinessman!

But let's say I support this new law and I hope we''ll get something like that in Holland as well. The number of high school dropouts is much too high here. Smile

I agree with 18, anything someone wants to do in life from 16 should be supported by schools in their spare time, but everyone needs an education and we need to raise expectations and increase people's awareness.

Kids grow up too fast now, I am so glad I was at school until 18, any education until 18 is valuable. It teaches you to integrate and work with others rather than sponge of the state, which many under 18's now would rather do...or off their parents

i think 18 is good age also. at 16 most of us are still immature and not sure what we are doing with our life, changing ideas all the time.

I know that at least in south European countries its high school till you are 18. If you drop out you take no qualifications and is like a social stigma, this i dont like. It would be better for kids to have a choice, show them what they gain if they stay and make the 2 more years in school very appealing- then let them to decide. The option/possibility of a work placement somewhere they like as part of their high school education would be a very good idea i think.

well sorry guys but i have to disagree. i can see why it can be good but i think theres too much telling people to stay in further education for too long. basically if everyone goes to higher education and that it means more taxes and other stuff plus who would end up doin labouring work?? my dad was a builder as are my brother and brother in law. who would want to work construction and that if you can get payed alot more for working behind a desk everyday??? at this rate our world will be doomed in a few years.

Plus too many people go off to uni for the fact of not having to get full time jobs (know several myself). leaving school at 15 didnt do me any harm and im smarter than alot of my old mates that left after me.

which brings me to another point...

i think its unfair that our country allows younger kids to take their GCSEs and that because it puts pressure on kids that arnt that smart and i think its unfair. also uv gotta believe these kids spend most of their childhood (best years of ur life) with their nose stuck in a book instead of enjoying thier childhood.

sorry if iv ranted it just annoys me sometimes especially considering i have a "slow" nephew and hes going to secondary school in september - worrys me the pressure he will feel under to compete.


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