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isnt being gay kinda lonely
myself have found of late,

that being a fag ish teh most lonliest way of life :S

not "sad"

just kinda lonely

ive always felt >_<;

atm i have a very sweet and understand bf ^_^

who makes me very very happy, even tho he lives too far away and we only get to see each othe once a week,

but this only strengthens my views

and yeh being gay is very lonely,

you'l always have friends and clubs family and bfs, but generally its quite lonely i feel,

iunno maybe its just me ^_^

sorry to waste ya'ls time

ive been depressed of late ^_^;;'



Also when u were confused abut yourself at an early age or you knew and didnt know where to go or what to do

it just enforces the lonely-ness

i was reading in a magazine that somthing ridiculous like 65% of gay men are depressed, or feel inadaquit

then we have gay culture on our backs to be first off it was gay men wanted muscle beff cake dudes

now its twinky kinda boyos

so every gay man to fit into the gay culture trys to slim down and stay thin Etc

cuz tbfh, in a club most guys can be rather shallow,

and thats the final nail in the coffin!!

Gay clubs, if i go to a Gay club i goto find myself a guy i can connect with?

or like just get to know have some fun with (not that kinda fun, yet) and generally, get to know sum1

ive been clubbing and i had lotsa guys wanted to fuck my brains out, and shoving an assortment of drugs in my face

to any fag coming out and experiencing a gay club unless he understands that "im going to the toilet brb" is code for "follow after me in 5mins for a quciky" he'l be confused and not know where to go or where he stands,

and first sexual experiences for younger fags especially casual ones are traumatising emotionally, rienforcing the fact that being gay is lonely

Maybe not so much for the older generation of gay guys, or even my generation or wthvr,

but for the younger fags just coming out, its very scary lonely and like urm, "walking into the unkown"

as its also very hard to find a really attractive guy who isnt an asshole

my spelling and punctuation, and grammer is revolting, excuse this, i had just woken up, but aside the fact, i sound like a korean MMORPG'er

i do beleive i make a valid point, on the state of Gay Culture today.


Hello AnjelXyxwave

I feel what you saying mate, it can be lonely and feels like that especially when you first come out and live as a gay man . But dont let this get to you it really gets better with time and experience . Till that comes fasten your seat belt and enjoy the learning experience - it is what you make it to be and can be fun and exciting (i dont mean the sex!)

i.e. now you learn about long distance relationships, you see how this works for you.

Soon you will see if you havent already that is not all about looks ,its about credit cards... lol Just kidding i mean personality :biggrin:

Precisely! The 65% of gay men is depressed because they read these stuff!
Don't listen to what magazines say, will emphasize on the negative rather the positive realities.

You are right in what you saying but ....it's not necessarily the gay culture. The way i see it is that muscles and fitness represent strength, masculinity (as big boobs represent femininity for women), good health ect which is considered by most people, gay or straight to be attractive. Normally physical appearance is what people who dont know you will first form an opinion on.

The scene can be very shallow and so the rest of the world! Said that, everything is what you make it. There are all kind of people and mentalities, the ones who just go there to chill have a laugh and those that want to get to get to know you. The stunning ones that are up their own arse and those that actually are cool rare kind but they do exist, the not so good looking ones that want to be loved too, the older who want their youth back. The good the pervs so on......How you filter these is another matter but you will learn quick because you are quite perceptive and keep learning.

Don't feel sad/depressed ect. Keep happy - remember happiness attracts happiness so smile and mean it!!!!Wink

well thats a nice view on the world!

x mikey

Hmmm....if I'm understanding the problem as it is meant to be understood, it sounds to like this problem would be less of one if it were taken out of its box. Everyone, gay or straight feels like a scared little child from time to time, especially when they first leave home and/or come out and it takes a while to find your bearings. In the mean time, finding that direction won't be found in image, clubs, magazines, etc. that perpetuate perfection and unreal expectations. Start discovering and loving yourself instead of trying to find someone else to do it for you. Once that happens you'll have a million guys wantin' to love on ya and the biggest problem you'll have is choosing which one! Confusedmile: OR - perhaps you're an artistic genius whose fits of depression are just expression waiting to be released upon the world!

No worries dude - peace.


uhm i can see what your saying but to be honest i dont think its a fact of being gay. Life can be lonely. But being in the closet has got to be VERY lonely.

oh how i long for a world where no1 judges who you are and everyone can be open and have as many hugs (from me) as they want =P

Before I realised I was gay, I used to hook up with lots of women etc, but since I came out I've not really had much luck with men. I don't know why, but I get what you mean when you say you're lonely.

I think its because what I'm looking for in a partner, the gay community can't really provide. I won't list what I'm after here because that'd look like I was trying to pick someone up, but with many of my mates getting married these days, I'm finding myself alone a lot more and its kind of annoying!

Serfdom Wrote:but with many of my mates getting married these days, I'm finding myself alone a lot more and its kind of annoying!

Oh yeahCry Most of my friends have kids already

spotysocks Wrote:Oh yeahCry Most of my friends have kids already

Thats one of the worst parts of it all I think.

I just wanna be loved! Smile

Right my biggest thing about being gay is like, the whole marriage and kids.

I mean I cant be the only one growing up thinking "WOW im gonna be this have a gorgeous wife 3 kids, twin boys and a girl, wife driving a people carrier, id have some smart car or a 4x4, have some gorgeous house in the country, maybe a little farm, christmases with the whole family including parents etc" and now even though I can have parts it won't be as grand or acceptable if you get me? Like the kids thing, I know theres adoption but im not sure if its fair on the kid having 2 gay parents, as I know personally in the school i went to they would be ripped apart.

Also the fact that my friends can just go out and pull basically anywhere? But then I have the whole is he gay, I cant try if he isnt how do I find out etc.

Those aspects are VERY lonely.. Also knowing I cant jsut like any guy as if they are straight and it will never happen it would be heart wrenching..

Anyway im blabbing on, guess im trying to say it can be very lonely.
[COLOR="Purple"]As I grow to understand less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.

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