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Cup of tea dear?
Not a big fan of English style tea myself (Sheilds face from flying teacups), but I do love a good cup of Chai, which I was of course introduced to in Iraq. I've never had a good cup of Chai outside the middle east though, so to get the real experience you have to do some traveling.

spotysocks Wrote:Btw marmite is the one things that dont go with a cup of tea!

Well, not IN the tea, obviously Wink

Just had my penultimate cup of tea of the day... will have one more with my dinner later.. then its good ole H2O for the rest of the night.

Apparently... I gotta try Ginger and Ginseng Tea! Will be on the lookout for it... anyone else experienced it?

Chai and Green teas ^^

Ummmm. teas other than iced teas arent huge in Oklahoma, but I like my asian teas....

oolong tea is my favorite than green tea.... When I go out to dinner in the winter, I like a hot tea w/ lemon and a touch of cream.

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