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Shrove Tuesday
shadow Wrote:Hahahahaha Lol2.

Babe, wouldlikemuscle is right - I WISH it were a public holiday, as we would (I'm sure I speak for wouldlikemuscle as well) be stuffing ourselves SILLY with pancakes, but nope ...

Hell yea!! :biggrin:

Quote:Wouldlikemuscle, as I understand it, the Americans get BOATLOADS of public holidays, but comparatively very little annual leave ... I think the bog-standard on the mainland is what ... about 23 days a year ? Something like that ?? Whereas in America it's quite a bit less ...

... at least that's what I was always told ...

... so whilst we even out, I think ours is better even at the moment, 'coz we get to take it largely when we want, which is cool Cool.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

Can a US person confirm less annual leave?? If so, fair do!

Well I get more than the average leave then Cool 26 days... rising to 27 if I'm with the company for 5+ years and 28 for 10+ years.
Also, can bank up to 5 days a year to a max of 15 in the bank to use whenever so potentially, if I hit 10 years, could get 43 days leave in one year!

My first job was only 20 days! Which I believe would now be less than the legal minimum.

shadow Wrote:Coolies !!

Do you get like ... double time AND a day in lieu if you work public holidays ? That seems to be the norm on the mainland (although over here it's usually just a day in lieu or time and a half).

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

I know of people who get double bubble + the day back.. I only get double time for bank hols (+ petrol + £10).

SWEET dude !!

I think I'm up to 28 now as I've been with my firm for over 10 years, and my next jump is up to 30 days after 25 years or something stupid like that ...

... but yeah - I do believe that statistically we get better hols than the Americans (and, as Dan1089 has confirmed, the South Africans too).

Jersey has one additional holiday to you guys in the UK as well - we have "Liberation Day" (a day which commemorates Jersey's liberation from Nazi Occupation after WWII - it's in May).

PANCAKES ROOL !! :biggrin:.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

We don't have shrove tuesday here in the states but we have moe holidays than you guys in UK do anyway I think so it makes up for it. Anyway, pancakes. I prefer mine made with buttermilk, and topped with BUTTER, not margarine, not spread not any of that crap, only butter, and good old fashioned Vermont or New Hampshire maple syrup.

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