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Fan of homosexual short stories ?
If you're a fan of gay short stories (or have ever considered writing your own), then there is a very cool site you might like to visit called :-


Amongst the hardcore and softcore stories you'll find in there, there are some truly beautiful love stories too ... I'll see if I can root-out the URL for it and post it here, but one of them (a homosexual adaptation of "Beauty and the Beast" brought me to tears, and I'm no way NEAR as weepy as I would perhaps like to be - I find sometimes I'd like to cry, but it just doesn't happen) ... so have a read of that if you can find it ...

A mate of mine posts on there - he's written the "Reclaiming Austin" series of short-stories, which have been quite popular it seems.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

More erotic ones can be found on http://www.motnes.com (stands for men on the net erotic stories)

I've got one posted up on there!! Wink

Will check out nifty at some point.. prolly tonight!

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