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Loving girl
My Name is Athena, I'm 17 and I've only dated four girls in my life. The first girl's name was Paige, she broke up with me because her bf didn't like her being bi. Then it was Kris, she broke up with me because she thought it would make me happier. Then Lauren, we were together for over a year broke up about three months ago. Lastly Emily, we only dated for like two weeks then she broke up with my for Lauren. I haven't had much luck with women, but I know there's a girl for me out there somewhere. If you wanna talk hmu.

Welcome to the forums ^_^ I'm glad you could join us Smile

there is a girls out there for you !! ....and i reckon you wil find that person , i think your a confident person from what u wrote and u realise that there is someone out there for you ...i hope u find her soon ,, oh - welcome to GS too , my name is matty

Hiya, and welcome to Gay Speak!
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!

Hi and welcome.
You will find the right girl .

hey, keep looking and a girl will come to you. welcome to gayspeak.

hey thanks everyone Smile I think i may have found her ;D yay

wow, congrats and good luck Smile

congrats twistedlove

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