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The Best Fuck I Ever Had Was With
A stranger! Though does he still count as a stranger after half a dozen encounters with him??? Its a shame, but he got himself a bf and now we're very distant. I was starting to feel kinda close to him too... Sad

As sick as this sounds,it was an in-law of mine!Whilst everyone was preparing for the wedding,we snuck off to his room.That boy took it like a man & did a lot of dirty talking!*sighs*

I voted friend too, he is Bi, younger and was my first BJ and 69, in many years. OMG I was in heaven.

I'm glad to say it was my lover (current one) Wink. He's the best thing that's happened to me.

Well it's not easy to choose but it has to be my boyfriend!

That's what boyfriends ought to be for, no??? Wink (unless they try to fuck with your mind... which is less palatable)

Just kidding.

Its not important.

Definitely a coworker...a doorman I worked with for years. He kept flirting with me and I wasn't interested really for a few years but one night by accident after 8-10 hours in bed he taught me the meaning of dominance/submissionDiablotin and I am forever gratefulLuvlove ...

He is 6' 8", Size 18 shoes, extremely well built and black and honestly I didn't know anyone could have a cock as big as his (I am not a size queen but if I was I would have been ever happier).

That was simply a fuck...and a great one...the best sex I ever had has been with my lover.

I'm interested to know about the one who answered a boss ! Did you get also a good year review ?!

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