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The Best Fuck I Ever Had Was With
hope it ok to do this an it dont get deleted!

We all agree. Strange, I didn't expect that. How romantic.....

Wow.. Am I the only one who has had the best sex with a friend? Now I feel bad :tongue:

Ummm. i voted friend too Roflmao

*raises hand*

Friend here too!

was teh relative part necessary lol thats gross

I voted friend too ^^

Definatley a stranger......Brazilian guy, god, it was VERY good

Just in case anyone is interested,

The best top on the planet is a greek guy living in London. OMG...and it's not just me. Anyone who has ever met him says the same. I don't know what it is......but sweet Jesus he should bottle it and sell it!! For just plain having your brains fucked out until it makes you cry with pleasure...... Seriously...he made my cry....tears streaming down my face. It got to the point where I had to make him stop because I just couldn't take it anymore.

Like some movie where they hook up their pleasure centers until they implode.....

I'm the 1 with someone I just knew from the clubbing scene. In london you get around meeting people but the afterpartys are really when things get 'interesting'. No strings attactched - great.

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