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What do ya do when you feel like life has just gone shit?

I'v done some stuff lately. And now I feel like the world has just shat on my life. I'm not depressed or any thing I'm just down.
I don't fully know how to write what I wana write.

Here is how it goes...
I'v lost my job cos I showed the hick I worked with that I was droping acid at work (stupid I know hopefull it has tought me something) I told my mum I was fired for having weed. She gave me one of them depressing speaches how she was dissappointed in me. I'm also dissappointed in myself. And I went and camped with our local occupy group just to have time to gather my thoughts on how I'd tell mother. BOOM she turns up at my tent I don't get a work *Crys* then I come home after a couple days. Also I met a guy Big Grin............ We get along great he is 16 age dosen't matter to me but I feel there are too many people around me that wouldn't like him and I like eveyone to be happy and now I feel like moving. This wouldn't go down well with the mother. I'm going to a GLBT hui next week where I hope I'll be able to gather my thoughts and I would like to find a job in the town that the hui is being held

You made some choices, they were wrong. Now you reap the consequences.

Then you decided to run away from the problems, and are contemplating running further from the problems. You ran to OWS to hide in a tent, plan on running to this HUI, running to the arms of this boy... run, run, and more running, Run to the joint, run to the drop of acid - run, run, and runs some more.

This doesn't fix problems, and between you and me you can't run away from the problem, that problem is yourself.

It is mom's job to tell you she is disappointed, and to rag on you and nag you - that is under the long list of job duties to be 'Mom' - Hopefully Rainbowmum will chime in and confirm the 'duties of being a mom'.

I think you know what needs to be done, but I think you are unwilling to say it out loud. Hint: Running away isn't it...
Second hint - recreational drugs do not solve problems, they create problems.

I do know what I have to do. But I will leave it for later when I come back from the hui. I'm just a bumfound with how everything has worked. It's just been this and that and too much is filling my head.

I have to agree with Bowyn.

You know drugs are wrong, why would you water down your drugs use when telling your mum? because you know that drugs are wrong and you seem to think that weed is the lesser of the 2 evils.

The world has done nothing to your life, the world offered you and opportunity and you shat on life. The great thing about life is life doesn't judge you and gives you opportunities to right your wrongs.

You used drugs at work, you deserved to lose your job.

You disappointed your mum and the fact that she was disappointed and gave you THE speech shows that she really loves you, why would you want to run away from that? You got a problem? Your mum has been, is and always be your best ally.

You have shat all over life and your mother, you need to make amends with both before you can move forward because at the moment you are running backwards towards being a 12 year old again.

I'm going through a tough time atm, depression, self harm and anxiety. My boyfriend cheated and told me lies for one month and promised me the world and it's came to nothing and I feel alone now. I kind of feel like you like the world is against me. What you did was wrong but everyone deserves a second chance. Hopefully it can be a learning experience and you will be able to control negative feelings.

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