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Three way with boyfriend?
nullnaught Wrote:This has been my actual experience, except I wasn't with anybody yet. But I extra agree with EXTREMELY FREEING!!! I am also aware it could be devastating though. Most people are very very very diferent than me.

LOL...Yeah...me too. I tend to look at things in very different way than alot of people.

I think you should let him know that it makes you feel uncomfortable and make it clear exactly how it makes you feel this way; ie that you're afraid of him moving on etc. See how he reacts and then go from there. If he understands, then its probably not an issue; otherwise it may mean that he may just end up experimenting behind your back.
If he does seem to still want to experiment, let him know that you're willing to try it (if you are of course). And reiterate why you're uncomfortable. Let him know that doing this could mean the end of the relationship if it turns out as badly as your expecting. If he's still comfortable with the idea I'd begin to seriously question his commitment; but that's your call.
Its up to you where you go from there. You either give the threesome a shot and see what happens, for better or worse, or move on.

I hope this helps, good luck!!!

I wouldnt do it. I wouldnt feel comfortable with it at all. It would feel like you were sharing your boyfriend with someone else.

I agree with many here that it would be best to talk about it with your boyfriend and make certain rules clear between you. However, I would also urge you to reconsider that you don't own each other's bodies and that if he really wants to go ahead with it, he probably will, whether you like it or not. How you will feel if you find out? I don't know. Would you prefer to know, or would you prefer for him to keep it secret. You tell him what it is to be. Maybe you'll forgive him or maybe you'll see that he needed it.

My stance is that my partner should feel free to do with his body what he will, as long as -- and this has been discussed between us -- he takes good care of himself and doesn't bring home any STIs because he's done it unprotected. He understands that rule. I think the idea that he is free to do as he wishes is much more liberating than me setting rules upon him that neither of us knows whether they'll be possible to keep.

You might equate this with a diet, for instance;: My partner won't eat fish or meat at all, nor will he drink alcohol... so I don't force him to eat it, nor to drink. He loves watermelon, on the other hand, and I really don't like anything in the melon family (even though I can eat it, but yuck!). He doesn't force me to eat melon or watermelon. In sex, as in your diet, I suppose there are things that you can't cater for and things that you'll be able to share nonetheless. Does it have to mean that it's not on the menu for he who actually enjoys it?

For the threesomes, he's offering to share with you, isn't he? By the same yardstick, however, if threesomes aren't your thing, you shouldn't be forced to join in. Maybe you'd just like to watch?

Well, my partner and I have a rule that we can have sex with other men if we do it together.

It's all about trust.

We trust each-other not to break our pledge.

And threesomes are great. Just great. We haven't had many, but the guys we have "entertained" have all said "You two are really into each-other, aren't you!".

Yup! :tongue:

just fyi
the OP has self deleted his account here

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