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controversial anime?
i've seen quite afew top( insert number here) lists for anime, but i haven't seen so far is a top list of the most controversial anime. So to those who do like anime what are some of the most controversial anime you ever seen( there can be many reasons for the controcersy besides sex&xiolence so name any you can think of)

Lol. Hentai and Yaoi. :p

DRIMO Wrote:Lol. Hentai and Yaoi. :p

Only the tentacle rape stuff is controversial :p

XRIMO Wrote:Only the tentacle rape stuff is controversial :p

Rape is pretty common in Yaoi. :p

Also paedophilia. :O

DRIMO Wrote:Rape is pretty common in Yaoi. :p

Also paedophilia. :O

Hmm, quite a knowledge you have of this Rolleyes

okay, can we please think of some examples that isn't porn Rolleyes

of course hentai..

lol i cant think of any off the top of my head but the posts are funny as hell.

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