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What Song best describes you?
the above is my nice side so ive been told but we all have the other fun side so this is mine

Read all about it Part III by Emeli Sande

" if i can dream" elvis

After I went to a friend's house for a pool party (She's rich Biggrinflip lol) on Thursday, I'm feeling like this;

Beyonce'- Countdown

Wish I had a camera Cry , my friend (who's also gay) was showing off with his dancing skillz lol Rolleyes. I was like :eek: the body bends that way? lol.

This song decribes how I'm feeling right now :/ .

This guy keeps stalking me and texting me and I'm just so irritated. He sleeps around alot, and I know this cause he told me and I'm not interested in contracting an STI.

I'm a romantic, so I don't just sleep with anybody, and I hate stalkers, so for him to keep bothering me, it's pissing me off. (Don't give your phone number to people who only want to get in your pants!!! :mad: ).

Nicki Minaj - Stupid Hoe(Explicit)


Well, when I find myself hiking in the mountains with my dog, Raiph, beside me I am this:

[SIZE="5"]And then, when I come across people who seem bound and determined to do the stupidest thing imaginable I am this:

Often times when I am trapped in my own thoughts, I am this:

When I am sad and thinking of the past, I am this:

And this is me when I am happy and hopeful:


There are so many sides of me I wouldn't know where to begin. But reading the It Gets Better bit and remembering how I instinctively (and correctly) knew it got better (which I figured it would after I was no longer at the mercy of the schools, court, 'rents, etc), I was reminded of this song:

I think it described me very well before I was an adult (save for the gender I'd prefer, of course). Some of my earliest memories were of reading of girls who rescued themselves, from Pippi Longstocking to Dorrie the Little Witch. I kept that up until I was really inspired by the 13-year-old character of Rynn in The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane when I was 15. And ultimately, with all that inspiration, I escaped a potentially very grim fate and I rescued myself.

Granted, if I knew then what I know now I'd have gone about it in a completely different way and have fewer scars to show for it. But I did well despite my ignorance, inexperience, and immaturity, and it helps me feel assured that I can take care of any other problem in the future as well.


Yes cheesy song....but that's me.....helpless romantic:biggrin: I love Meat Loaf Too.Wink


Let it go - Alexandra Burke

I don't think I could pick just one Tongue

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