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What Song best describes you?
Hey guys, they say everyone has a song about them, so what song best describes you or has gotten you through the tough times?

Here's mine. The Silence.


"The Bravery of Being Out of Range" by Roger Waters on Amussed to death. Mostly though, the title describes my attitude.


it makes me calm......i love hard core etc but i need something to bring me back down - this song does it for me plus others

Since I feel like I'm out of my mind most of the time :tongue:



[/YOUTUBE] my other fun side



I doubt there is only one song that can describe me.
There are just too many sides.

Here is a start.Lol2

Meredith Brooks - I'm A Bitch




It would prob be a song called Fixed At Zero by a band called VersaEmerge.

Seasons of Love from Rent...because I have had to try to come to terms with death all around me my whole adult life and the thing that makes sense to me in the end and is how much you are able to love...give and recieve...I think it is the only thing that is eternal after everything else is gone and I think it is a true measure of "life" and what it means to be alive.

The other song is AS by Stevie Wonder


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