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Work gets in our way! :(
The guy I'm seeing works a lot and so do I but him more than me. I work more nights and he works during the day. I guess since it is the holiday season. We are both busy.

We normally see eachother once or twice a week, even when we are busy. We've been dating for a month now. Smile I wish we could see eachother more often.

So I'm guessing it's good, seeing him when I can right? I think I expect the guy to be super romantic and to be everything I imangine.

I have my flaws and I'm sure he does too. We all have flaws. I'm the jelaous type to the point where I think just because he added a new friend on facebook, that's he's automactically talking to a new guy and will soon forget about me.

How can I be less jelaous? And learn to not worry so much about him leaving me? My last bf left me after two months and I was hurt and he finally told me why he left. So I guess I just get scared that this new guy will do the same.

You can be less jelous by learning one simple motto... His my partner not my possession I dont own him control him however all i do is love him the way he should be love and in return hope he loves me the way i should be loved Smile... You dont give to receive in life Smile

Hi Alwaysconfused

You ask," how can I be less jealous ?"

The answer is "trust" trusting your partner, trust yourself to get over any insecurities you may have about yourself.

Try to look at the positives instead of the negatives.
Say to your self out loud :

I am worthy of being loved, and respected, I am not forgettable, I can not be replaced,I am not an object that you can put aside, as in out of sight out of mind.
I have faith in every aspect of all the things that are me.
I will not allow self doubt and insecurities to destroy my happiness.
Repeat this as many times as needed.

Sweetie trust me this does work.
I would also like to warn you ,that the quickest way to get your partner to cheat on you, is ti keep accusing him of doing so , when he has not.

Remember No relationship will last , without trust.

Once we get hurt by a person we add that quality to the ruler we measure people by.

Once a guy betrays you, you will spend extra time thinking about everything another will do in the context of previous betrayal. You seem to understand that this is happening, that is half the battle.

How to get around it? Identify it for what it is and remind yourself you are not with your ex. Eventually you will reach the point where you will not be as disturbed by those things that trigger these feelings.

When you see something triggering your 'betrayal' button, count to ten slowly, take a deep breath and relook at it and tell yourself "This isn't -----------" (the name of the ex)

Just don't worry too much. If you have a boyfriend to begin with, you're doing something right. Just take things as they come and enjoy you're time with him. Focus and whats good and you'll soon forget whatever it is thats making you jealous. Best

Thanks guys! I've been doing better. We actually spent the night and had sex for the first time. He wants to take things slow. Idk if this slow, but for me I'm use to having sex right away.

Having sex also scares me if him leaving me. However, why would he take a month to do so. That kind of reassures me, what do you y'all think?

I knew he really wanted to have sex and so did I! He told me that he wanted me over to touch me, but to also see me because he said he loved having me around or that I'm fun to hangout with or something. But I felt so much closer to him after this. He even drove me to work when I ask if he would want to Smile

I really wanted to touch him too and I knew this was going to happen. I could feel the sexual sura around us.

what is it; trust, communication, respect:

i initially hated it but my partner texts me every 20minuites, even now. "Love You". See if he will be ok with this.

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