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Dating more than one person
Would people say it is acceptable to date more than one person?

I ask because i've been on two dates with one guy, and we like each other. However, I do have my doubts.

However, I've been asked out on a date with another lad, closer to home and of whom I feel I have more in common with.

So... Your views?

I hate ppl who date more than 1 person. I just that person does not know what they want or they want a back up guy. I mean if you have been on a couple dates w/someone then I figured you Like them and want to continue seeing them.

Yeah, I do enjoy spending time with the dude. However, as said I have doubts and things have been taken slow.

However, is it really a huge deal if I go for drinks with someone else?

WgatSWhat do u mean "taken slow" and no going out for drinks is fine. Honestly I date 1 guy at a time. Unless I see them on rare occasions and we barely talk then yeah on to the next one.

He is always occupied and lives in the next city... costs a lot in fuel to see him, and he doesnt drive nore does he have a job allowing him to pay for such travel.

It shouldn't be a problem but you should be honest to the person and let him know that you are still open for other options since the whole point of dating is to find out a suitable match before making commitment. You can also ensure him by letting him know that you are not the "open relationship type", it is just when things are still in dating phase, you would want to be free.

I think its better to do what your doing. The point of dating is to scope out if a relationship is viable, and people rush it too often. I think you should see them both for a bit, and then make you choice. Just don't leave anyone hanging too long.

When I met my lover I was dating and/or having sex with 8 different men at the same time. I had been "seeing" all of them for maybe a year...they all knew about each other and it was no problem as jealousy is a dealbreaker for me and I don't date jealous men...I had a great time. I said goodbye to each one of them when I met the man I am still with today because I love him and wanted to spend all of my time with him and I can say I dont' regret having dated all of them (It was fun!),,,nor do I regret my decision to say goodbye to all of them and hello to the love of my life.

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