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Good vs Bad
[Image: good-vs-evil-wallpaper-background-theme-...dz.com.jpg]

The aim of the game is to get the number to 0 or 1000.
If the number hits 0, the bad side have won.
If the number hits 1000, the good side have won.

Which side will you choose to be on?
(you can switch your never permantly on a team)

We begin at 500 and similar to other games, you can not post numerous times in one go, you must wait for someone else to post after you before posting again.

Let's us begin!


501 - sl;ightly confused by think 501 is right or can i just jump to 1000???? Thread closed game over lol

kindest regards

zeon x

502........is this how its suposed to go? one digit at a time?

Yep, WB, that's how it's supposed to go, but who will want it to go down to 0?
503 almost sounds like a brand of jeans.

502 I guess I will represent the bad team 'cause you need a little yin with that yang

501 Muhahahahahaha:biggrin:

500, what else would you expect?

501 come on now!!

I am a good girl, so I am on the good side.

503 muahahaha

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