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Andy the site has a bug
Is it me or has the site got a few bugs???? I noticed with the chat box type messanger it keeps going to the top of the page and in the arcade i got 65,000 points in the bubble pop game and it wouldnt submit my score!!! I think ill give up with the arcades now lol as cant be bothered trying hehe really annoyed i admit but stupid bloody bugs piss me off!!!!!! spent 2 hours getting high score got it and it robbed me lol

Hey Zeon.Confusedmile:
I've experienced both those bugs.

The Arcade one seems to be caused if you used the back button in your browser to go back to the game after submitting a previous score. It seems to negate the next score.
Try using "Play again" on the high score page instead of using your browsers back button.
If this ISN'T how the error occurred for you...then....sorry, i got nothing.:redface:

The chat box messenger thing seems to be specific to certain browsers. It happens in both Chrome and Internet Explorer to my knowledge, i've learned to put up with it.:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

I actually took a SNAP shot and reposted with evidence as couldnt find this thread lol... I didnt realise internet explorer causes the chat box to drop so thanks in advance... l havent arsed about with back buttons

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