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Question about my health (Need some clarity)
Hello guys and gals, i have a question to ask.

Here about a week and a half ago, i was a little drunk, and since i had some alone time. Well i have been training my anus with some butt plugs. I started off small, and then moved to one about 1.5 inches in width. Well, I have ordered a butt plug that is 2 inches in width, and it also vibrates. Anywho i was a little drunk and was inserting it slowly (the 2 inch plug, it was lubed too) with the vibrate on max and was able to work it all the way in, and when it went in all the way i had an orgasm, and i let the plug stay in place for about 25 minutes. I went to the bathroom to take it out, and then had to use the bathroom after that. Needless to say i saw blood on the toilet paper, it was quite a bit and it freaked me out. I kept a close eye on it and it stopped bleeding completely about 6 hours later. The weird thing was, that it didnt hurt at all when it went in, but im guessing me being drunk masked some of the pain. But anyway, i learned my lesson and im not quite ready for it again, but im wondering how long i should wait for whatever was bleeding to heal up before i can again engage in more anal play. Can someone shine some light on this for me? thanks in advance

personaly iwould give it a week before expermenting again but also when you do jusst posh it slightly against the musvel and have the vib on full and the preasure that you use try no presser basicly just a little more than it takes to hold it from falling out taaaake a long time to get it in like an hour let your ass open up naturly to it and it wont tear you were probaly excited and a bit scared this makes you tensup and tighten up have you ever had like a nut or something in your excrement that tore you as it came out usaly after a time of constapation or if you don't drink enough fluids like in popcorn there is a hard yellow shell that dosent get digested and can hurt on the way out so give it a chanch to heal and really try to get it to open by itselfe and it will work out better and hope the hung guy you chose to deflower you in not a PUSHER and if he is tell him to back off and be gentel and relax i think your problem was you were trying to push it in .let it kina slid in and this is for every bit may take too long as far as your concerned but take the timeand you will open to it and it will be see if you tear the mucell every time you do it you will not have a normal anus but a band of scar tisue there and then it will start doing damage to you and you will have to get the scar tissue removed surgaly. anyway thats only my 2 cents worth and others may have a diemecritly oppesed view nd truthfully i dont have that much real life experiance just what freinds have told me

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