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The Bee and the Black Rose
I’m sitting on my bed just thinking
How you said you’d be my shoulder when resting
I sit in anger with rage infecting
How you lied when I when I spent time spending

Before I met you, I was complacent
A wall so strong, so tall and gallant
Now I lie in rubble, covered in dust and cement
While you move on you giant pestilent!

You see that rose that sits so high?
High above my room’s sky?
It sits in sadness, why’d you lie?
Why’d you carry on, why’d you spy?

My emotions so twisted by your lust
Left me wondering “why did I trust?”

Your foolproof planning with a book
Fills me with anger, rage and vengeance
The worst of all is I’m not the only one to have looked
But many have fallen for your artificial resplendence

The Black Rose that once was red
Now looks upon me with the greatest dread
A constant reminder that you’re a fraud
Yes I said it, thank you Lord!

Now I see that broken rose
With the greatest of respect
I’m not the only one you’ve hurt with your facist pose
Next time I see you, I’ll squash you you little insect!

It seems you have already forgotten me
Don’t think you’re a free little bee
I’m the Queen Bitch here Mr bald head
Can’t wait to sting you DEAD!

Nice poem Smile.. I wrote a very long winded one once when i suffered with depression and it described everything but thejn i burnt it lol

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