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Is it wrong to demonize "Rosary Rattlers" as they are sworn enemies of GLBT?
There are good people and bad people in all religions. Religion is often used as a way to justify peoples bad behavior and it isn't exclusive to any particular religion. Having said that Each one also produces good people who care for others and seek peace.

I feel its best to judge people based on their individual flaws and merits, not on stereotypes. Of course I can't say that I've had absolute purity in doing that, but I don't try to get defensive because of a persons religion without hearing their views first.

I am a loan officer at a bank. It is mandatory for me to understand the money trail in the work I do. I am a professional in money management. A member of a religion is basically paying money for someone to hold their hand. Psychiatrists, and con artists have this in common as well. People who donate their time and funds to worthy causes without expectation of financial reward are the true good Samaritans. If money changes hands then it is business transaction much like buying a movie ticket. If church entertains you, then it is worth the money. If religious people were really sincere about helping others why don't they meet in a school classroom instead of building monuments to their dogma? Helping others is supposed to be the purpose of all this isn't it? The Golden Rule says, "Do unto others as others would do unto you" how much more is there really to understand? Unless you need to be hyped up every Sunday?

bigsteve89 Wrote:this is why i am thankful i live in england. The right/church lobby groups are not so strong in the UK when it comes to discussing LGBT rights. yes they promote family values, though gay couples are now being accepted into this group. I really do feel sorry for every member of the LGBT community overseas. You have my full support.

Hmm I think you should save your pity for those living in countries, where it is ok for them to be killed for being gay.

i should convert Eastern Orthodox Christian

im against death penalty and i guess abortion too but if woman want it you cant stop them

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