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Ok, Im gonna start off by telling you all that I'm very lonely and the feelings are getting stronger as time goes on. It's hard for me to have a relationship with another guy as Im not out with my parents and them being homophobic. So this is a little tough for me. Theres no gay guys around my age in my area and theres no events for me to attend for gay guys either. So I dont know where to find another gay guy.

It's kind of hard for me, so if someone can give me some tips to get over this lonely feelings it would be great. cause I dont know where to start nor where to go. is there any good gay dating sites I could use? Any ideas?

I'm in the same boat for loneliness. There isn't much in the way of events here either, and I don't know any other guys around my age either. I'm sorry to hear that your parents are homophobic, cause I've at least got that support. It Helps, since some of my friends have stopped talking with me recently Sad

I don't know how to get passed these lonely feelings, and haven't had much luck using dating sites either.

All I can say is hang in there Confusedmile:

thanks nexus but Ive started seeing this guy recently and it seems to be going good at the moment and Im very happy. Smile

Haha, congrats. Wish you all the best Smile

thanks man

ivorybenz Wrote:thanks nexus but Ive started seeing this guy recently and it seems to be going good at the moment and Im very happy. Smile

well that was quick

I have always believed that loneliness is not a bad thing. At least to me, i have not been out to my friends or family, and I feel lonely as well sometimes, but some gay friends I make online are very good. we often talk about what troubles us and encourage each other. Virtual companions still make me feel less lonely.

I have never had relationship or sex with guys yet. Because I think my man just has not come yet. I will wait til he shows up... true love deserves waiting ...so loneliness is just a period feeling ..

Anyway , it is good to hear that you have found the guy.. all the best

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