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Would you date the guy posting above you (be honest)
I'm not that exciting. where'd u wana go on our first date?

I'll go for a double date and date the two persons above me Big Grin

We could all meet up over the biggest pyramid lol

Kiid Wrote:I'm not that exciting. where'd u wana go on our first date?
[COLOR="Navy"]New Zealand is a little far for a first date..! Love the shades of the guy above..!


would love to explore the UK with you

Nope, but friends yes. Lol

No haha But we might go shopping together sometime Big Grin

oh yes - if u were willing to trade the sunshine for a big downhill mountain bike and a rainy forrest to ride in,,,,,,, although if anyone was willing to do that 4 me id date them lol Smile

OK deal ! lol

haha ok .... can i come enjoy the sunshine whenb were done riding, its sub zero here in uk and we'd both need a warm im sure

Big Grin Big Grin Sure why not.

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