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Would you date the guy posting above you (be honest)
DRIMO Wrote:I would. Wink

Were you talking about me or Wake? Wink

AirBorn Wrote:Were you talking about me or Wake? Wink

Would you date the guy posting above you is the title of game, right? :p Although the 'guy' should be replaced by person. xD

Yes of course.

Sure, I'd date BENDERBOY Wink

yes, yes I would.

Rawr Wrote:yes, yes I would.

Heeey, I was gonna 'date' XRIMO. Laugh

ya. i would have a go around.

Why not?! We have something in common Big Grin We both are a "Capricorn".

I don't know, gotta see those legs first! Hairy legs are a must. :tongue:

Maybe but Benderboy,definitely!!!! Confusedmile:

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