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Is this an appropriate Christmas present?
Person66 Wrote:Now I'm thinking maybe it's too expensive, not personal enough, I did'nt spend that much money on it, but it will look expensive regardless. I still have the receipt. There's still 5 more days till Christmas.

Hmmmm. Dressing a person is kind of personal. Just my opine there.

The Spousal Unit* and I agreed along time ago to keep it simple. Around June I ask 'What do you want for Christmas?' - He knows he has to answer by October 31st.

He tells me what he wants, on a few occasions we have been at the store and he shows me exactly what he wants. I buy that, wrap it and he is satisfied each year with the gift(s) I get him.

I get my Christmas shopping done by at least the first week in November - earlier if at all possible. I loath - absolutely, positively loath Christmas time shopping in any store - yep that includes grocery shopping. People are such animals this time of year.

* Spousal Unit, Parental Unit - Coneheads: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coneheads

Well it fits him, I know he loves cashmere, but only has one nice sweater left, I think the rest were worn out. His style can be eclectic, he's mostly a jeans and T-shirt kind of guy, but likes to add a few designer pieces. I wasnt looking for designer clothing just something well made.
Thank you everyone, Confusedmile:

Quality never goes out of style and after reading your description of him I think you did very well.

I don´t know what to do ... but my man and I have a rule : Never clothes, no things for the household.... and no Perfume etc....

I know my first gift from my parents -in-law ... a bottle very expensive but really stinky Shower-Gel ... I asked them : Why you don´t tell me that you think that I´m stink ?
Or as my man get his 1028th tie combinated with the 200th pair of sox....I told him to be very careful.... I think his parents want the he hang himself up in the garage but he should use the pair of fresh sox before :biggrin:

First of all to say about paying. Do you two have the same amount of income?

My ex boyfriend also paid for most of the things and I was very uncomfortable with that, then he sat and explained me that he loved me much and didn't count it and it was like that because he had much more money than I did. That was true so I let him pay for most of the things but I always paid for something, like for a taxi after a nice restaurant dinner and he was very pleased.

Now that's said, about present for your boyfriend, I think that's very sweet. If you matched them nicely and if you think this is something what will suit him and he like those kind of clothes, it's perfect!

In my country we don't exchange gifts for Christmas but for birthdays. When it was my birthday my boyfriend didn't give me anything because he wanted to buy something expensive and was waiting for salary. (He wanted to buy me a new mobile phone.) Then I left country and we couldn't find the best way to get present delivered, then we broke up and he still hasn't given me anything. I forgot about it because my birthday was half year ago.
This months it was his birthday and when I was in Sweden I bought a nice T-shirt for him, (that time we were still together when I bought that shirt) and I chose a t-shirt which would make his recently exercised chest muscles look fine. So what I'm saying is that giving clothes to someone is OK if you know that person and his taste well.

to finish the story when we broke up I though I'd never see him again so I told him I had his birthday present bought and I wanted him to take it and he said he would buy me that phone eventually. I said that was not OK because T-shirt is not as expensive as a mobile phone but he went on saying the same that he has more money and insisted to buy it so I agreed.

We are not together anymore but I hope he will like my present still and it will look fine on him.
I wish the same for you that your boyfriend will like it, and later tell us his reaction and what you'll get from him.

and sorry for mentioning my ex boyfriend everywhere. I'm still not over with this loss.

zeon Wrote:Regardless of price its the thought that counts...

Totally agree.

I think its a nice gift. :p

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