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A weird straight guy in a party
Just wanted to tell you something that happened to me. Yesterday was my friend's birthday and she was throwing a little party and she had invited almost all her friends, including me.

There were some people among them I had never seen before and this guy was one of them, he had come together with his girlfriend. My friend formally introduced us and we talked a little bit but like I said, I had never seen him before, he was a stranger to me, therefore we didn't have much to talk about. And so I eventually wandered over to the people I knew.

Then, as the evening went on, I realized that he is literary staring at me. You can feel when someone is watching you and that's how I felt. At first I didn't pay much attention to it, then it became really weird. After I noticed it, I looked back at him unnoticebly every now and then and he never took his eyes off me. I don't know how his girlfriend didn't see it. Even when everybody started to dance ( I don't like to dance, so I was just sitting with my drink) I noticed that he was dancing with his girlfriend and still he was looking at me over her shoulder.

At this point I was really creeped out already, not because he's ugly, he was young and handsome but because I couldn't understand the reason behind this. I even went to the restroom to look into the mirror because I thought that maybe there's something wrong with my appearance but everything was fine.

So I gathered all of my courage and I went over to him when his girlfriend wasn't next to him and I asked what was wrong. He pretended he never did anything and that he was looking at everyone. That's a lie, I'm not blind and I saw him staring right at me. Then he said "my friend's name" said you're gay". I said "yes, so what?" And he was like "there you go" and just walked off.

I couldn't understand anything but I didn't feel comfortable in that party anymore so I said goodbye to my friend and I drove home. I don't mean to say he might like me or something, it's just that I still can't understand why would he be doing that, especially with his girl next to him.
I don't know what to say or help you, maybe he will re-appear in your life in the future. Maybe he's bi-curious or doesn't accept this part of himself.

It happened something similar to me some time ago, there was this guy at a party with common friends, I met him for the first time and even if he is very masculine and supposed-straight, I wasn't sure of his sexuality after a pair or small talks, then during the whole party (who lasted from lunch till late night) I had the impression he was a lot interested in me, and I shared the thing cause he was nice and very chatty (almost only with me) always looking for me etc. And he was also very phisical-friendly, like hugging me etc (and it was the very first time I met him).
And I also know that he asked of me later in some occasions... But he's straight, of course (...)
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OP, you were a curiosity to him. For one reason or the other he was having trouble facing the fact that you are gay. It is his hangup, not yours. Forget it.
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I had something similar happen to me at a straight biker bar. This dude was staring at me hardcore - took me awhile to figure it out...

There was TV right behind with a baseball game going on. He wasn't staring at me he was staring at the baseball game.
Use a condom.
The guy was a total idiot! I agree with you, "there you go." ((?)) Its like he was making a statement to the cosmos without the cosmos knowing about it. When I look at a guy, ones I do not know usually, I am checking out the whole package, wondering what they look like under the wrapping.
Next time, just start touching your crotch, rearrange you dick in your pants or something and see what happens.

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