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An update, i think i need some advice.
I first told you about my situation, i had my best friend who is like the hottest kid ever, we are both the same age. Before I said that he agreed to masturbate with me but blankets were needed to cover us.

So I was wondering what I could do!

It happend today, he showed me his cock. I asked him too and he agree to do it for 3 seconds.

We agreed this thursday to masturbate together but he said he would pull the blanket off for a few seconds so I could watch him masturbate.

what do you think ???
The blankets will soon be out of the picture completely. I honestly can't see you both under those blankets forever, he'll get tired of that silly cover up.
You said he doesn't mind if your around when he masturbates, so whatever, just leave it the way it is. Just don't let him use you; if he tells you to suck him, he better return the favor Wink
I just wonder why he's been so reserved about it. If he knows you're into him, and he's into you, he should just let it all out.
I think he just needs time to come to terms and practice a few things before committing to anything big. This is good news and I wish you well with it Smile
If i was you I wouldn't rush things. Just enjoy what you two are doing together and wait, keep doing this for a while and if he still hasn't said anything just hint at it and see what happens. lol
In all honesty, this kind of situation was my first wet dream.

*Gay fiction is terribly dangerous for a 14yr old*

Good luck, my man. Take it easy, and enjoy what you get - don't push it.

x x x
Gay Wrote:In all honesty, this kind of situation was my first wet dream.

Ive never had a wet dream. Rolleyes Anyway Dont force anything at all. :confused: Tbh I dont know how to answer this thread.. as I dont personally find seeing a cock as WOOOOOOOOW OMG OMG OMG etc. :biggrin:
[COLOR="Purple"]As I grow to understand less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.
This post makes me feel really old ;-)

Relax and stop planning, because plans never work like you plan them to. Take things as they come but remember that you are friends and you want to end up as friends as well. So don't let "what you want to happen" push him too far to where you make him uncomfortable and maybe damage your friendship.

Things will take their course..... just follow along....and of course enjoy yourself!

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