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Another forum noob? Indeed.
The title speaks for itself. Confusedmile: I joined up less than an hour ago.

Truth be told, I joined hoping to find some answers; about who I am, my sexuality, and just about anything I may have a question for.

There really isn't much I can say to describe myself. Personally, I think I resemble sandpaper; dull in looks, personality, and gritty (not in a dirty way, as I try to shower every day). My friends say I'm crazy for believing this. I guess I'm not ENTIRELY hopeless. Biggrina

My demeanor is rather shy; soft spoken and not very outgoing when with large groups. I come around, though, with two or three people, regardless of how well I know them.

Despite this semi-antisocial characteristic, I do have moments (even days or weeks) of peppy spontinaity. A bit of a collage of emotions and random bits. I even go on and on if I get started about something. Especially if people don't stop me.

I do believeI should digress, I'm rambling. :tongue:

.. Welcome to GS! I think there's room on the couch... Tongue Big Grin
Nocturnal Wrote:FIRST!

.. Welcome to GS! I think there's room on the couch... Tongue Big Grin

Why thank you, my good Sir. I feel welcome indeed. -plops onto the "couch" and makes with the comfy-
Oh no! You sat on scooby!
hi m8, welcome to GS,,,, i think form your description your totally gone fit in here and have fun....sounds like you'll have plenty to say in the many threads on the chat board i hope.... just in from my night shift so off to bed soon but hope to chat to you another time,,,take care
Welcome to the forum! Great intro thread, you have a very interesting personality. I hope to read more from you in the near future. Smile
Nocturnal Wrote:Oh no! You sat on scooby!

Jinkies!! I'd better give him a Scooby Snack. That should perk him up. :biggrin:
MarchDanish Wrote:Jinkies!! I'd better give him a Scooby Snack. That should perk him up. :biggrin:

:biggrin: Better make it two!
Nocturnal Wrote::biggrin: Better make it two!

Egads!! Yousa being right!! What mesa be tinking?!!
I know!!! How could you forget that Scooby really likes his Scooby Snacks!

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