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Any Psychology Students or Pros here?
I want to research something, but to do that I need the name of a term describing something a lot of people do (similar to projection, but it's not that). Before I share what it is I'm wondering about I'd like to know if anyone here would be likely to be able to give me the technical term for it. I wouldn't mind other responses but I don't want to give details unless I'm likely to get the name so I can look more into it.

Thanks. Confusedmile:
Displacement might be the term you are looking for, not projecting the feelings onto someone or something else but, taking them out on some one or something else.

Example: You had a bad day at work and are angry with your boss, so you go home and yell, scream and/or lash out physically toward your family, a tree, etc...

Projection is blaming others for what you fell, or what happened to you.

Example: "It's all Joe's fault I didn't pass that test." even though Joe did nothing but sit next to you in class.

Another example would be suspecting your partner of cheating because you want to or have cheated on them. That's Freudian Projection.

And no I'm not a psychology professional, jsut been through enough therapy that I should have a degree by now. :biggrin:
there are thousands! so you'll have to give more info. If you PM me I might can help...
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It may be more than one process, but it's not standard projection (which is perceiving one's own traits that one is ashamed of in others so as to not acknowledge it in one's self, usually at a subconscious level). And "hypocrisy" doesn't work either, what I want is to research this and I need a TECHNICAL term to do that with.

Here are some examples that I'm going to try to keep as simple as possible (hopefully I don't need to explain further):

Potheads and boozers who are proud of their lifestyle (so no projection needed) yet hold each other in contempt.

Someone who proudly talks of watching porn and yet also slut shames women, including the women in the porn s/he enjoys.

Similarly, a woman (as one confessed to being back when she was a Christian) who would retain her "purity/virginity" while frequently having other forms of sex but if a woman had vaginal sex outside of marriage even once then she gleefully slut-shamed them. Perhaps the way some exotic dancers make a big point of hating prostitutes might also count.

Baptists, Pentecostals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholics that all look down on each other, and no this isn't over disagreements but they really dislike each other (if I have to explain then it's gonna be TLDR, just trust me, this is NOT just over doctrine, it's deeper than that). Likewise, one Russian Orthodox thought her own church she was raised in was uniquely loved by God while all other Russian Orthodox were poor cousins and other Eastern Orthodox was just wrong and any form of Western Christianity was pure heresy.

Oklahoma and Texas. No, I do NOT believe it's because of the 2 college football teams (that's just the excuse, and no other out of state college football team generates that kind of hostility), and the states are almost IDENTICAL in attitude, social values, politics, and yet there is some real hate there that I find utterly mystifying (and I've asked, no one seems to know, other than the guess about the football teams since that's when both states tend to actually become the most violent toward each other, or even their own who even happen to be wearing the colors of the other teams). To me these 2 states hating each other is like seeing twins with the same exact values being hardcore enemies.

I visited a place for a short while that got a lot of white supremacist groups, and sometimes 2 groups would get into a fight over who the "real white power" was. In the case of the gayskins I guess I can see why the others were upset with them, but not why say White Aryan Resistance and one of the skinhead groups actually got into a gunfight over it (granted I wasn't there but from what I saw of them I found what I heard totally believable, and in any case there WERE shots fired that pierced a water pipe and caused it to be shut down for repairs). I understand racist groups for other races can also have similar violent sentiments to each other (I don't mean to include those in which there's conflict over money).

Some gays are offended by bisexuals or those who practice "gender treachery" (like queens, "flamers," and bulldykes).
I don't mean to include those who don't want to hook up for whatever reason but actually hold them in contempt and don't want them in the community.

And for a more complicated example that may (or may not) be related to some or all the above there's my Aunt last summer (2011) who is on her 3rd husband and had kids by each one who tried to shame me (and saying it was "suspicious") for not having been married even once or having any children at all. I suspect that deep down they know I'm a lesbian but don't want to ask me outright because they also know if they ask then I'd answer truthfully and then they'd have to deal with it, as well as me causing negative rumors for the family again. And it's also possible she's familiar with the Bible and knows that I might point out that Jesus said if a man divorced a woman for any other reason than her cheating on him then God doesn't recognize it, in which case she's either an adulteress (hopefully reformed after doing it twice) or she's living in sin as much as any lesbian by being married to a 3rd man (and given that her current husband is also divorced then the same criteria exists for him as well, and if he divorced his last wife for any other reason than adultery then they're both living in sin). In any case I hit a nerve when I pointed out she was on her 3rd husband with kids by each one (and "therefore an expert" on telling me how to marry and start a family) and I think she was tempted to get violent with me (I recall preparing for such an attack which meant something about her body language made me wary). OTOH, maybe it was just my insolence she was responding to (she agreed with others in my family that California had corrupted me and I should move back and she resorted to profanity when I said, "Living here would push me to religion, probably Wicca.") I suspect her hostility to me was similar to the proud boozer to the pothead.

So what are the terms I'm looking for? :confused:
And while I'm asking those educated in psychology about human behaviors I want to research more, how much is "taboo" thought to play in sexual attraction? For example, in cultures where women frequently go topless the males take it in stride, but in cultures where women wear burqas then even the sight of a female ankle can drive men to sexual frenzy. It's even said that even in a stripper bar a woman who accidentally shows covered skin and tries vainly to cover herself will draw a lot more interest from many men as they're not supposed to see that and so it becomes even more compelling than the strippers showing even more intimate parts.

One guy who used to work at a hotel said that whenever there was a convention of fundamentalist Christians that the number of those paying for porn in their room went through the roof. And so many Republicans and other conservatives waging a moral crusade turn out to be engaging in the wildest sexual immorality themselves (and surprisingly enough it's often the same kind, like how one Republican gathering was found to have had all kinds of ads on Craigslist by visiting Republicans looking for anonymous gay sex, one asking specifically for a married man to have sex with and claiming to be married himself which goes to show he sees marriage as even less sacred than fans of that reality show about marrying a millionaire). MAYBE this is more projection, but I'm wondering if that "taboo" aspect above might not play a part (that is, because it's so forbidden then it becomes attractive to many of them, and perhaps that's makes a vicious circle in trying to be more devout to overcome it which makes the taboo that much more stronger and thus the righteous outrage of other moral reprobates....)

So is this likely a function of taboo making them this way or is it that because they're so obsessed with these things that they try to feel better about themselves by joining moral crusades against others?

Btw, when I watch some L Word slash vids on YT I notice that those that are HQ or better and erotic and/or with a lot of nudity (as opposed to more sweet and romantic) get the Westboro peanut gallery (saying we're disgusting, going to Hell, etc) more, and even those that don't (and even missing any "dislikes") have ads for Christian dating (and some kind of "be a Bible scholar" or some such) which says that Christians are visiting those vids all the time. Those ads generally don't show up on other vids (unless you can expect Christians to show up) save some atheist vids. In addition, one such vid went viral and thus pulled in all kinds of people and the Christian Dating ads became less common as I presume the ads tailored themselves to the new demographics showing up (for example, we had many gamers commenting and the ads started to advertise for games when it hadn't before). In contrast, I've only rarely seen ads for lesbian dating on those specific vids. That means lesbian erotica (at least if HQ enough) is watched more by Christians (and probably Christian fundies) than by lesbians (or at least Google/YT thinks so and I'm sure they got some slick programs to do the market research and tailor the ads accordingly). So what gives? :confused:
Pix.....I am not sure if this is the right term or not but I think it is in the same family anyway and it may lead you to another term...

Cognitive Dissonance
It sounds to my like you're trying to lump some kinds of hypocrisy, some bigotry, and the effects of nurture with regard to taboos all into one here and, I don't know if that really works, unless yo go from the approach of one leading to the next.
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