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Back to Blood (and organ) Doning...
For those of you who have been skeptics, read this article on the Advocate website.

Four people were given the organs from a gay man after he had a fatal accident. The organs were "tested" and confirmed safe, so none of the recipients were told by the hospital that the man had come from the list of potentialy dangerous donors. Normally this is only done in life threatening situations.

It has been confirmed that all four recipients contracted HIV and Hepititus from the organs they recieved. It's just not fare. As much as it may hurt, as a group, along with pushing for our rights we also have to take responsibility for our (and possibly even others) actions.

When it comes to health issues, we are a high risk group.
in my country gays cant donate organs, that's an insanity i still can't understand... are we still in stone age or what?
But this is why.....

As a group we are a higher risk. Maybe not as indeviduals, but as a group we are. These organs were tested and they still had two different virus's that were passed on to the patients.

I wish it was different.....but it's not. Nobody's life should be at risk just so we can feel better about urselves. The idea behind donating it to help others, not kill them through stubborness.

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