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Barebacking vs. Wearing my raincoat
Hello Friends,
I'm relatively new to this man to man sex thing, and I'm really enjoying it.  I'm 59 years old and sucked my first cock about 10 years ago.  It was fabulous and a very liberating experience.   Since then I've racked up about a dozen more and feel pretty good.  I met a guy on Grindr and made a visit to his house to top him.  Nice guy, bearish, as I am, and we quickly got down to business.  I lubed and rain coated, and he seemed genuinely disappointed that he wasn't going to feel more than a rubber inside him.  I want to be safe, and he was totally into the bareback scene. So here's my question..... What is so different about sex with or sex without a condom to the bottom.  I'm a big fan of dildos in my ass, and combining that with a handjob or blow job is a total mind blower.  Can anyone share some insight?
It's all in the mind. Glad you're having fun AND being safe. I don't suppose one has to care for you personally to enjoy good, safe sex, but they should care about your safety. If they don't, next. Lovelove
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You don't say if he refused to sex with you because you refused to wear a condom.

If it were me, and he refused, I would tell him "good-bye". 

I can understand not using a condom with a partner that you are in a monogamous relationship with, even then there's a risk if they decided to step out of the relationship on the sly, but to do it with a hook-up from online?  No way.

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