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soo im not very educated on the whole sexual health thingy's

so how dangerous is barebacking?

how should i convince him to use condoms etc?


I'm not an expert but I'm thinking condoms are always a safe bet....always.

Very dangerous. 17 years old, you have your whole future a head, please don't ever bareback. for your own shake.
Just be persistent, tell him you want to use condom, he should understand that. Make it clear to him that he has only 2 options, condom or nothing.

I agree with poster on this, you just shouldn't do it. Even if you think you can trust the person.

Also, get tested annually.

Do NOT bareback! That's a potentially deadly outcome, if you do. HIV is on the rise, and not to mention every other STD that's out there!

If he doesn't want to use a condom, you need to tell him, "No sex!".

If he tries to convince you that it's ok, and he doesn't respond to your suggestions to use protection, you need to drop his ass because, although sex is great, it's NOT worth ruining your life for a short time of pleasure, especially when you can prevent it!

Also, treat everyone has if they have an STD, when it comes to having sex, even if they deny having any. People lie, and some people have never been tested for STD's and honestly don't know their health status, so they will say they don't have any.

My point: if you're not gonna use a condom, don't bother having sex....unless you're an idiot, then there's an exception for that...I guess.

And now i know what barebacking is

Tell him,no condom,no sex

"No rubber, no jiggy."

You can still have sex, but be aware which activities are more risky. For example, mutual masturbation is going to be low risk whereas barebacking (anal intercourse without a condom) is high risk.

Most men seem not to use condoms when giving or receiving oral sex, but while the incidence of HIV transmission is relatively low, other nasties (hepatitis among them) is very high if one partner is infected.

You only have to make one mistake for your life to be changed forever. Don't trust your health and well-being to someone else. It's your responsibility.

I suggest you do a bit of reading to get yourself a bit better informed. I am not qualified to give any type of medical advice whatsoever.

What else can I add? Tongue

this one's always been a no-brainer... unless you're with along term partner and you're both safe and tested don't do it

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