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Best Gay Films!
What are some of the best gay films out there?

I'm not talking about pornography, I'm talking about respectable gay cinema with storylines.
I liked Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Queer as folk, but thats only mine... Bird Cage wasn't to bad. I have seen Short Bus and that is so stupid.
Erm, well I know a good lesbian film lol, Boys don't cry
sad film though
What dyou think of box office brokeback mountain? I didnt watch it... Does it represent us well Confused ?
Brokeback Mountain was actually a really good movie. I did like it.
The only other gay movie i saw apart from Brokeback mountain which i thot was good was a movie called "Latter days". The guy in that movie is so cute.
Nicole1988 Wrote:Erm, well I know a good lesbian film lol, Boys don't cry
sad film though

wow yea thats a really nice movie. The actress was real good. I believe she even won an award for it.
Eating Out and Eating Out 2 - both very good comedies IMO.

Clapham Junction - feature length Drama recently on C4 in UK was interesting.
i did not like brokeback mountain!

I did like, however....

Mambo Italiano
Summer Storm
Guys & Balls
Boys Don't Cry
Touch of Pink

hrm.... I guess you can tell i like movies! Tongue

oh and for TV.... Queer as folk (US version)!
Yeah, I would have to say Touch of Pink, I like it better than Brokeback Mountain.

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