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Best and Worst 2011 and 2012
What are the best and worst things you experienced this year, and what is the best and worst you are expecting for next year. Anything in this world of ours that has had an impact on you, anything personally that has happened to you.

In 2011 the best thing to happen that has had the most impact is surgery to remove my gall bladder and 'cure' a chronic condition that ruled my life.

The Worst thing to happen that impacted me in 2001 is having to put up with the negative campaigning from opposition leader Tony Abbot (Mister Rabbit) who will if he becomes PM take us further back than the repressive 1950's that John Howard took us as a nation.

The best I am expecting from 2012 is that the current 'conscience' voting on Gay Marriage take a few more steps forward and moves us in line with something that comes a little closer to equality.

The worst I am expecting from 2012 is another leadership stoush in the Labor Party leading to a snap election which the Liberal Party and Mister Rabbit will win.
The worst would have to be, the floods and fires through out the country, some [email protected]#Ds stealing my Siberian husky Justice as well as 5 other huskies in the area.

The best :
The coming together of Aussies all over to help .( so very proud to be Australian)
My wonderful supporting Husband and wonderful two sons, surprising me with a black bundle of joy called Jack.( My black Lab)He is so cute.
Rainbowmum Wrote:My wonderful supporting Husband and wonderful two sons, surprising me with a black bundle of joy called Jack.( My black Lab)He is so cute.

Beautiful Smile
The Best? Business was good this year...three of the months have been my best in 20 years. Alot of my inner goals that I have been working on for many many years came to a conclusion and I got a bit more serenity...such a lot of work for such a simple thing but that little simple thing is worth every bit of time it took....I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my lover and my friends over the past year and also getting to know alot of you here has been rewarding to me.

The worst? Kidney Stone...OUCH! The damn thing got stuck on its way out for two agonizing months. The Republican Candidates are distressing to me...watching so many people willing to go backward is frightening. I have watched a few of my friends battle of them lost the battle. You would think with all the people who I lost to AIDS I would be used to it...but you never get used to it. Maybe that is a good thing...feeling nothing would be much worse I think.
For myself good : retire process startet....

For myself bad : used more painkillers include morhine like the last few years, longest pain-sleepless phase for more then 55 days... and no sign that it stops

"World" : Wars are more and more OK for governments... soldiers are heroes :eek: torture is more and more acceptable....
Crimes again natur don´t stops.... and on every corner we can see Sign that it is not longer controlable.. it is frustrating
Proud to be Gay & Pagan

[Image: pentagramm.gif]

31.10 Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Halloween
21.12 Yule
STOP eating Animals !
The Best:

Had a Belt Lipectomy surgery. I've been waiting to have this surgery for years. This surgery opens up a new chapter in my life. But the surgery is not done yet. I will resume the surgery next year. Scared a bit as the second surgery will be 3x massive and more complicated than the first. But I'm looking forward to complete it so I can restart my life.

The Worst

My name has been smeared terribly by some people. Found out that I was surrounded by a lot of fake people. Found out that I was made fun by these people. I've learned a huge lesson from this incident. I have moved on but I simply can't forget as these people and I work in the same building. I don't hold grudge on any of them though. But I do hope that one day my name will be cleared out and people will see the truth.
The Best of 2011:

- being accepted in a new (and better) school
- moving in with bf

The Worst of 2011:

- moving away from the city I lived in for 4 years

The Best of 2012:

- I'm gonna have a concert in December! (Well, it's a school thing, something I -have- to do, but hey, so? A concert!)
- I might get a little kitten<3

The Worst of 2012:

- I'm gonna have a concert (lol. But the stress of it is already pretty huge.)
- I'm gonna have to apply to yet another school (hopefully I can be in two schools at the same time.)
Best of 2011
My credit score went from a 600 to a 817 (so from poor to good)
Worked really hard and became a certified heavy machine operator ( Lifts, Hoist and Cranes)
Meeting Katee "Starbuck" Sackhoff at FanExpo

Worst of 2011
Starting the year off broke as fuck. My bank account was almost down to double digits.
Burning through 2 PS3's so annoying and expensive.
A lack of any quality sci-fi on the TV (Caprica and SG-U got canned at the end of 2010 there has been like nothing since)

2011 was very much a year of financial recovery for me, I was working 3 jobs a one point. Looking back at my year it was kind of blur, I didn't do much living this year just work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep. Maybe hopefully things will even out a bit in 2012 and I won't have to worry so much about where my next pay check in coming form or how much a owe Visa and MasterCard ( my MasterCard is under control but my Visa is still in a bit of trouble but I'm working on it.)

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