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Books that talk about soymilk?
So I need 20 facts on soymilk for a school project and the teacher wants most of the info to come from books. I've had no luck looking for books specifically on soymilk so I'm wondering if there's maybe some books that would have chapters or pages on soymilk? Finding these have been rather difficult so I thought maybe the soy-lovers of the forum might have some titles to throw at me. xD
Here's a link that has a lot of news on Soymilk, including production, health benefits and random facts. I couldn't find a book dedicated to the actual product

Hope that helps Confusedmile:

Might help
might try searching Limit your search to their book department
i think google has books on line thingy so try
you might try to track down this rumor Soy Milk Makes You Gay:
That seems an unreasonable request to me. Perhaps (after searching the OPAC and asking for help, of course) you can enlist the aid of your local (and school) librarian to attest to the fact that books on soymilk are hard to come by (and even having 1 or 2 books on the topic isn't going to help an ENTIRE CLASS).

I used to volunteer at a library where the librarians had a pet peeves of teachers putting obligations on an entire class to look up info on a limited number of books and would happily write such a note.
There might not be tonnes of books on Soy Milk, per se, but I'd readily vouch that there are many a cookery book that talk about the subject.... You should be looking in those, methinks, Spencer.... Wink maybe Vegetarian, Vegan books?
I actually heard about the soymilk makes you gay thing. Has something to do about estrogen production which doesn't make a lot of sense to me because that would mean estrogen and testosterone determines your sexuality. :o It'd be cool if I could throw something in about it though.

Pix, I was actually thinking about talking to the teacher on wednesday (when I have that class) and saying I'm having some issues and what she suggests.

We're specifically supposed to be using book sources and not the internet which is only complicating things further.

I will look at some cookbooks though!
Here are a few.
difficult to search online for information off the printed page. Is the instructor actually asking for the out of date obscure hard to find? or his he still in the 90"s
It's also a lesbian stereotype to be a soymilk guzzling vegan (unless you're a shaved head biker in leather vest who eats your meat raw and with your fingers and lots of grunts). Can't explain that one with estrogen. :tongue:

Of course the entire "estrogen = gay" is confusing femininity with homosexuality.

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