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Boy at work.
I've been with my boyfriend (Connor) for 5 months now, and I just found out that one of the guys at work is gay also. My boyfriend lives 2 hours away, so I get lonely sometimes. Finding out that Andy is gay has made me feel more comfortable in such a small town. Im the only openly gay teen that everyone knows about, so meeting someone who is also open is nice. I haven't stopped thinking about Andy, I don't think I have a crush on him, but I just want to talk to him! Do I tell Connor about him? (he gets jealous and over reacts really easily) Help me please?
Jealousy and over reaction is not a healthy way to sustain a relationship.

I'm just saying Wink
do not tell Connor about Andy at this point, it will only frustrate him.

what if Conner was doing the same thing, had a friend on the side; how would you feel. The bigger issue here is not that Conner knows about Andy but that Andy exists at all.

-It is inevitable that Andy will discover another gay (you) at the work area so be prepared how to react.
-befriending Andy will just cause too much turmoil in your life right now and he is just not worth it.
-look for a reliable hag girl friend. As a gay man a lady can help you with the emotional support you expressed here you want. Some how im thinking its more than just words of support tho.

be careful.
You say your in an open relationship with Connor. If that's the case then he should have no problem with Andy, even if you went so far as hooking up with Andy. That's what an open relationship means.

Now you say Connor gets jealous and overreacts so, maybe it really isn't an open relationship. I think you two need to get that sorted and settled before you make any decision about Andy at all.

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