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Hello, Dear Guys
How are you going?

I hope are you well, I am looking for the relationship with some guy at borning in at Jan: 25, Fev: 23, mar 21: Abril: 19; Mai:17; Jun: 15; Jul:13; Ago:11; Set:19: Out: 07; Nov 05; Dez:3,30.

Well,I am just calm, caring and loving man I just love life I am honest, loyal a friend, I would like to share the life with someone He is thinking like me. and I wanna marry. I like so much of the countryside I am portuguese,english, spanish and italina teacher and Music Education I am open to serious relationship. please just serious guys it wants the same.

Does anyone know what true love is anymore? How about loyalty and trust? Lastly, what about staying committed to the one you love?I am looking for a guy who will love me for who I am and not what I look like. I am looking for a guy who loves life and is open, caring, and honest. I want a man who can be with me through the hard times and not give up when life's problem's arise. I am looking for a guy who knows how to communicate and one who is not constantly looking around to find someone better. So again I ask, am I looking for the impossible?​

Reading, baseball, soccer, American football. running, fishing, swimming, cycling, & walking. Rugby I like running, swimming, fishing, camping,cycling, travelling

where are you? I am looking for you. I need you.

Your Partner

Best Wishes,

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I'm curious why you're looking for someone born on those specific dates?
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It's nice that you know what you want in a partner, but being so specific in what you want is going to make it incredibly difficult to find someone. Sometimes you just have to try dating a whole bunch of guys, even ones who you wouldn't usually go for. You may be surprised and a good relationship can be built on that old adage of 'opposites attract'.

The one solid, rewarding relationship I had happened completely by accident, on a random offchance when I wasn't in the mood for a date but I just thought 'sod it' and met him. He wasn't the kind of guy I'd envisioned in my dream montage I'd created in my head but we ended up having a couple of great years together.

Either way, good luck in your search.
I once met literally the man of my dreams. It was astonishing to see him in real life. He was my physical ideal. His ATM pin number was my birthday. His first and middle names matched my father's. I was sure he was the guy for me, and acted accordingly.

Problem was, he wasn't so sure I was the guy for him. Eventually, my interactions with the man of my dreams became a bit of a nightmare.

We're no longer in touch.

No one wants to be the fulfillment of your prophecy or beliefs. They want to be met for who they are.

Best of luck in the dating scene. Really!
Do you want him to be cut or uncut?

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