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Brand Loyalty
I was reading my Bloomberg BusinessWeek yesterday and there was an interesting article on Mercedes competing for the entry level buyer with less income in hopes of attracting brand loyalty....

...and though I had never though about it...what a GREAT PLAN! I realized I will only buy FORD Trucks.....DODGE Vans...and HYUNDAI Cars...and it is ingrained in me to the point where I don't bother considering anything else....

Recently I had to throw away this big box of Cotton Swabs because they weren't Q TIPS and I hated them...will never consider buying any other brand again. Same with KLEENEX brand...MJB many more

I would have never really thought I was so brand hard wired but I am ...

Is it an age thing? Do you have any brand loyalties?
Pasante condoms, Kings
Mac products
Toyota (landcruiser)
Craftsman or Black & Decker tools and sex toys
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Ice Cream
Mac n Cheese
Mmmm yeah this list could get really I'm just going to go with -YES- I'm a brand snob, at least on alot of things
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I'm not a brand loyalist. Slap the word "new" or "improved" on some type of product I use and there is a good chance you'll get me to leave the brand I've been using.
Iceblink Wrote:I'm not a brand loyalist. Slap the word "new" or "improved" on some type of product I use and there is a good chance you'll get me to leave the brand I've been using.

Yeah...I do that alot with laundry soap and technology...and I have to try any "new and improved" candy barChocolate
Not a brand loyalist too. If I could get something similar or better from another brand with cheaper price,I would drop the brand I'm using anytime. That said,there are some brands I am more keen to buy cause the quality is already well known,so I don't have to experiment other brands' quality anymore.
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I'm pretty sure modern people are persuaded by brands today.
It depends. Most stuff, no I'm not, but when it comes to food, yes. If I don't like the way it tastes, I won't buy it again.

Perfect example......the only peanut butter I will eat is JIF.

"because choosy homos, choose JIF"
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Will you play my record? One-track mind!
Am I a brand snob? Good question.
Am I a snob? Better question.
Am I an anti-brand snob? Best question.

Brand snob: Coke or diet Coke only.
Snob: Organic as much as possible - even gave up Kraft peanut butter for organic. High end european built vehicles only (excluding possibly the Tesla Model X - I still have issues buying a vehicle made in the USA). Craft beer only, and preferably from Europe - brand name beers are for the lower classes. I buy at independent shops and try and avoid chains / franchises - especially for restaurants.
Anti brand-snob: I am better than those that shop at WalMart so I will not shop there.

Anything that is a fad, a trend, is mass marketed or is popular I avoid - cool classy people do not do what others do. I love being gay because of this - I belong to an exclusive club (except our membership acceptance standards can sometimes be quite low).
I'm a brand snob when it comes to food. Noteably....

Jams & Jellies
Mac n Cheese
Canned Chili



I'm sure there's others.
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