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Butt color- does it matter?
I am depressed... I am so scared to get naked in front of anybody... Cause of my butt color.. its is darker compared to other parts of the body... does it matter? I want to get off my cloths and have a good time with my lovers, but
Well, as long as you have the lights off I don't see why you should have to worry...
haha ive never heard somone worry about their butt color!! thats coz ive never came across anyone who got darker butt color compartively. Most of the time its lighter shade coz of constant wearing of underwear. So i wud suggest u to start wearing some tighties. lol
You might wanna try a deeper tan on the rest of your body if you're worried about it but I think there's nothing wrong with a dark butt.
I don't know much about the Maldives, Zak, but I don't think most people in Spain or Europe generally would have any problem with a darker butt. We are not all made in the same mold. I used to hate my ears which I thought poked out too much. Now I don't give a shit. My ears are small and don't poke out that much and nobody ever comments on them. Most gay men where I live spend all their spare time on the beach trying to get a darker butt – it's a nude beach. If your lover has a problem with your butt, move on and find another one. There's certainly a whole load of guys out there who would love to get their hands on your assets.
Van, if anyone judges you for having a dark ass then plain and simple they are not worth your time and they are not worth your attention. Anyone that is that shallow doesn't deserve you, so fuck em.
Ah, don't worry about it. I doubt it matters at all.
I'm afraid of taking off my shift because I hate my chest.
I mean I really hate it. I'm embarrassed about it. But when
I find a lover I bet you things will change. So if your lover
doesn't like your ass you can tell him to fuck off. Smile
Has anyone noticed how old this thread is and Zak Van's intervention??? It's almost three years old.

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