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Can't find tops to date
i love being the bottom
oh misread that title, my bad
Yes tops are around and I am one of them. Just keep searching and you will find one.
Im a top and have been forever.

Bottomed a few times, didn't like it or enjoy it.

Only ever been in one relationship where I would consider myself versatile, otherwise top all the way Ride

Same here, I've tried bottoming once. It didn't hurt or feel good. Even just fantasizing about bottoming brought me no pleasure. Fantasizing about topping (and actually doing it) is a different story. Don't ask me to explain because I have no idea as to why I prefer to be the active partner.
mostly bottom.. but can top too.
I am sitting here actually laughing at some of these replies. Really guys? Come on, it isn`t that serious. LOL! Anyways, this top is single, temporarily lives in China until August 31st, and then is moving back to New York. Frog

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